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    Premier Elements 4 (Mac) download location

      Since Premier Elements 7 is not out yet for Mac, I want to try PE4. I can't find the download link for this. What is the dl link for Premier Elements 4 (mac) trial?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          None of the Premiere Elements versions are Mac compatible, Christopher.
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            New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
            Steve is right, looks like you are stuck with iMovie or Final Cut Express :(
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              the_wine_snob Level 9
              One additional option would be Premiere Pro. Since CS3 (now only CS4 is current), PP has been ported for the Mac.

              Also, I *believe* that PP (PC) will run under several Mac to PC programs (Bootcamp, etc.) on Intel-Macs. This *might* work with PE, but I have not read of anyone doing it - maybe just no reports, or maybe real problems?

              Now, I'm not pushing Premiere Pro, as it is a much more expensive (and extensive) program, than is PE.

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                Level 1
                I wound up downloading the trial version of Premiere Pro. It is a neat program, but I just don't have the money to continue using it after the trial has expired at this point. Thanks for the help folks! :)
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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  I understand. That's why I mentioned the steep price. It's a wonderful program (I've been using CS2 for some years now and love it), but only viable for someone doing NLE work professionally, or a very dedicated hobbiest with deep pockets.

                  Other than the dedicated Mac programs, like FCP, I do not know which other NLE's are ported for the Mac. I believe that the iMovie thru FCP group have the majority of the market share.

                  Now that Macs (certain flavors) offer PC compatibility with many programs, there might be other options. Unfortunately, I do not know what works, what does not and what might be made to work. In the Premiere Pro forums, there are now a lot of Mac folk, using all sorts of X-platform and adapted PC programs. There might well be people there, who can give you more, and more correct info. Back when CS3 was current, Adobe had the forum split for PC & Mac users. In CS4 they are combined. Still, a post to the CS4 forum might yield suggestions for you, other than PP CS4. I wish that I was more knowledgable, regarding all things Mac, but am just an old PC-guy. I do know that a lot of users really like FCP & FC Express though. The "Express" version might offer what you want at a more palatable price.

                  Good luck,