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    Contents for Pre7

      I've put together several slideshows of photos using Photoshop Elements 4, then converted them to .wmv files and put them into Premiere Elements 2. There is about 600 photos giving a timeline of nearly 2 hours. I keep getting a transcoding error when I try to burn to DVD. I have had this in the past but converted the files to avi files and burnt them that way. Unfortunately when I try and do this, it keeps crashing. My PC is a quad core with 3.5GM RAM so don't think that is a problem.
      As time is not on my side as I need to have them burnt by this weekend, I have downloaded Premiere Elements 7 and are trying to find my way around it. I now run into the problem that my customised menu from Pre 2 doesn't work anymore and I only seem to have one menu available for Pre 7 - Red Bulbs. Is that what I should expect? What exactly is included in the Contents download as I haven't had the time to have a good look as to what it contains, let alone download such a huge file.
      I am presently downloading Photoshop Elements 7 and will try and do a customised menu on that, fingers crossed.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          600 photos! Yipes!

          In early Elements versions, the transition from Photo Elements to Premiere Elements slideshow happened through a WMV file, as you're using. But it didn't work well for a number of reason and Adobe has since revised this workflow.

          The best way to avoid any issues is to take the WMV file from Photo Elements and convert it to a DV-AVI using Windows MovieMaker.

          The resulting DV-AVI will work perfectly in Premiere Elements. (It will also be much larger than a WMV, since DV-AVIs are about 13 gigabytes per hour of video -- but, because of the way Premiere Elements works, you'll need about twice that much free space to process a WMV anyway.)
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            Thanks for the link to try as I have tried today to burn a DVD from the slideshows using version 7 and it is still crashing due to an encoding error, which I had with version 2 as well. I also realised that I hadn't made the photos smaller before I put the slideshows together so I will try the MovieMaker option before I look at redoing the slideshows with smaller photos. Not looking forward to doing that as I have put captions on all of them when I was putting the slideshows together in Photoshop! At least I will know for next time.

            As for the menus, I downloaded a generic one from muvipix.com and worked out how to put in the background I wanted to use, so that's another thing learnt in a hurry.

            Can someone please also make some comment on what is in the Contents download for version 7.
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              I just installed off the web Premiere 7. At start up I get a pop up about installing more content because the current version has reduced content. Where on the adobe web do I find more content for titles and themes and such?
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                Paul_LS Level 4
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                  I also received the same message. Unfortunately I do not have the disk and in the popup was directed to adobe download site. When I went there there was no download for Premiere Elements 7. I would like to complete my program. Please help.
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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    IIRC, the download version of PE has two separate files. One is the program and the other is the "Functional Content," Adobe's name for the Templates, etc. Each requires a separate install. When you purchased your download copy, you should have been taken to a link with both downloads available. After the installation of the program, you just launch the second file (these were archived as 7Zip files, at one time, and will still be archived in some compressed format). Extract the second file to a Temp directory and launch it executable (usually a .exe) to load the Functional Content. That link should still be active and referenced in your documentation - either an e-mail, or on an invoice.

                    If you cannot locate that, contact Adobe Tech Support (Installation issues are handled free), and give them your order # and registration info. They will pull up your purchase and direct you to the proper URL for the download.

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                      I also have the same problem. I already checked with the page (http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=kb406662&sliceId=2)of how to install the content file but somehow the files that I donwloaded only have "PRE7_TB_WWEFGJ", an .exe file and a compressed folder and no "PRE7_Cont_WWEFGJ". I searched my computer to see if it is stored somewhere else, but nothing were found. Please tell me how to get the full template selections because as I am using the trial version now, it is very discouraging me to buying it if I don't see the full sections of the menu.
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                        Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                        You can't download the extra content if you only have a trial version. You need to buy the full version before you can get the extra content.
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                          Thank you for the reply. Like I said before, this is exactly what I am looking for before buying it but they didn't let me see it. The trial version of the software only includes one that I didn't like it at all! Very dissapointed!
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                            the_wine_snob Level 9
                            Chi-Sun Chan,

                            I do not know of any site that might have the various Assets displayed. It would be a good sales tool for Adobe, but if there is one, I have never seen it. Maybe someone else can add a URL, as some reviewer must have done images of at least some of the Functional Content.

                            Good luck,


                            PS one source for "additional" Functional Content is www.muvipix.com. They have quite a few Menus, plus still and animated backgrounds available.
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                              I have both files.

                              I believe they are self extracting; since double clicking the PRE7_WWDFGJ.7z file installed PE7.

                              However, double clicking the PRE7_Cont_WWEFGJ.7z file causes a "open with" pop up. I've checked for an extract option in PowerDesk Pro but it's grayed out.

                              Should I try "open with" PE7?