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    Sharpen effect

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      I am thinking of using the sharpen effect as a matter of routine on all my videos. I wondered if anyone had experience of this.

      What would be the best level to set it at.
      Am I going to trigger some unfortunate side effects.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          The biggest challenge is that it's going to require that your entire movie be re-rendered -- and that can take a lot of time and resources (and risk, since anything that takes a lot of time and resources has the possibility of a failure).

          I'm also not sure if the results will be worth the effort. It won't necessarily make your videos look crisper, since it really has not effect on resolution or even focus. And, if you overdo it (which is pretty much any setting over 10), it may just look artificially sharp, like some old kinescope.
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            Thanks Steve

            Doesn't look like a good option. Perhaps not one of the better effects.
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              Robert J. Johnston Level 3
              You shouldn't have to use sharpen on DV-AVI that you took with your camcorder. But if you resize any of your video or stills, then use it. Resizing removes sharpness so you need to put it back. You should barely see any difference in the before and after. It is one of the effects that is on the slow side to render.

              By the way, Magix uses a sharpen technique that makes slightly out of focus images look focused. And I said slightly. Adobe Photoshop CS also has a technique, but it is more difficult to use. What it's good for is when you didn't use a tripod but otherwise had a fairly steady shot.