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    Version 7 improved compared to 4?

      Hi Everyone,

      Has anyone upgraded from version 4 to version 7 of premiere elements (or replaced)? Have you found 7 to be more stable? I use 4 for large mpeg2 compilations from my sony hdd camcorder and have considerable instability when adding multiple titles (I title the date on every clip).

      Thanks, Eric
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          As far as I'm concerned, Mpeg and PE, is like oil and water, they just don't mix very well.

          This is especially true with large files, or reasonably complex projects.

          I doubt this has changed much with PE7, but I'm all ears if someone wants to convince me otherwise (I'm currently using PE4).

          If you want to make your life more enjoyable, convert Mpeg to DV-AVI and use that, PE loves DV-AVI.

          I use Windows Movie Maker to convert my Sony Handycam Mpeg's to DV-AVI, and PE4 runs okay with these conversions.

          Another option is to switch to Sony's Vegas software, this pakage is geared towards Mpeg and handles these files with no conversion to DV-AVI...