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    File sizes and bit rate slider


      I'm having two issues I'm hoping someone can help me with..

      1) My file sizes are much bigger than they're apparently supposed to be. A 10 second clip at 720x576 takes up 32 MB. I've tried both quicktime h.264 and various avi codecs with roughly the same results. A larger 3 minute clip takes up over 500 MB. This is at 100% quality setting. I was told that they shouldn't take up more than 10% of that size so I'm not sure what's going on..

      2) In order to solve it I've been told to use quicktime h.264 and adjust the bit rate slider to specific values, but PE7 won't give me that option, I can only move the quality slider. Setting that to a low value gives me extremely poor quality video. Using Sorenson codec allows me to set a bit rate, but at the recommended 1800 k/s I still end up with 22 MB for 10 seconds.

      These videos were made through stills and transitions.. When I make similar stuff with windows movie maker the files are much smaller so something weird is going on for sure.

      Hopefully I'm making a really obvious error that is easy to point out :D
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          What are you using these files for, marc?

          If you're editing them in Premiere Elements, you want them in the DV-AVI codec, which can make for pretty big files. (About 13 gig per hour of video.) That's why a large hard drive is essential for video editing.

          If, on the other hand, you're creating video for display on the web, the H.263 or H.264 or even Divx codecs will work for you -- but, if you're trying to create small, compressed files, you certainly don't want them at the 720x576 frame size!

          But, if you can tell us what you're trying to create the files for, maybe we can offer advice.
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            This is for web use, but mind you there are plenty of sites that offer hd video so it's not a particularly high resolution..

            I just don't understand why these files are so big considering the maths.

            I've had 1800 kbit/s recommended as a decent compression level for web use. That's 225 kbyte/s or roughly 2.5 MB for 10 seconds. Yet as described above the files are 10 times that size. I don't understand why this is when I actually used this exact compression level.

            Further, I was only able to specify bitrate compression with the Sorenson codec, not h.264, which is the one I actually want to use (and which I've been told should have adjustable bitrate in PE7 making me doubly confused..)