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    PE7 and Vista 64

    ruzun Level 1
      I am about to upgrade my PC, and think I will try Vista 64 this time, if for no other reason than to reduce the OS's memory footprint in the 32 bit addressable space.

      I'm wondering if Adobe works well with Vista 64? I am currently using Vista 32 and for the most part it seems ok. Any Vista 64 horror stories remaining?

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          Paul_LS Level 4
          Here is what Adobe say about Vista 64 support.

          Note: For those versions of Premiere Elements that are compatible with Windows Vista, the 64 bit versions of Vista are NOT supported. Premiere Elements is compatible with 64 bit versions of Windows Vista. It has been tested on 64 bit Vista, and there are no known issues that are specific to the 64 bit version of the OS, However, Premiere Elements is not a 64 bit application. It runs on 64 bit Vista in 32-bit compatibility mode.

          See this FAQ regarding compatibility mode:
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            I would recommend that you stick with Vista 32.

            I am running Vista 64 and have a Canon HF 10. I cannot import video files directly with Premier Elements 7. (See my post from 12/11) I have to import the files with Pixela Image Mixer that came with the camera. Once I have hte .m2ts file on the computer, then I capture the file with Premier Elements 7.

            I have just started using Premier Elements 7 with Vista 64, so I really can't tell yet how the rest of the program works with Vista 64.
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              ruzun Level 1
              I will try vista 64 at any rate, if I have problems importing etc, I will move back to 32. Can you just copy files over from the hard drive/memory stick on the camcorder to the PC, without using any import program, with an AVCHD camcorder?

              I thought you could just hook it up and it would appear as a hard disk the way the MP4 video players do.
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                Roger I do not think you will have problem running Premiere Elements 7.0 on Vista 64 bit. I am using the same and have not encountered the problem so far. However Premiere Elements will run in emulation mode.