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    Capture DV from camera to .avi file, but cannot access the .avi file

      I'm a new user of Premier Elements (just bought 7.0) but have experience with other NLEs. I captured DV from my camera via FireWire. If I check the "Capture to Timeline" box, the media is correctly captured directly to the timeline (and stored in my Project folder as an .avi file).

      However, if I clear the "Capture to Timeline" box, the media is captured only to an .avi file. The captured file is represented in the Library on the Organize tab as a "Missing File" icon (red/green semi-circular arrows pointing to each other, head-to-tail).

      If I double-click this icon, a dialog box displays; its title is, "Where is [name of .avi file]?" I navigate to and select the captured .avi file in my Project folder. The program displays an error message:

      Generic Failure
      This type of file is not supported, or the required codec is not installed.

      It seems to me that the codec must be installed in order for PrEl to capture the media and create the .avi file in the first place, or am I mistaken about that?

      In any case, what should I do to make the .avi file accessible in PrEl now?