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    Still Image Quality is Poor after export

      Original images are all large digital images, Nikon 6.1 megapixel DSLR. Importing the images into Premier Elements 3.0 works fine, and in the editing screen, they look good. However, after either buring to a DVD directly from Premier or exporting and buring via Nero, the finished product looks as if the camera taking the original pictures was 2 megapixel. I've tried about everything I could think of. In fact, the only way the finished product "looks" good is if I do an MPEG export in a 1080i format, but unfortunately that format has problems playing on most every dvd player or PC (audio gets way out of sync). Shouldn't be this hard - if I use Windows movie maker, the output looks great - but of course Windows Movie Maker stinks! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.