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    Audio Speed Playback problem

      I need help. My clips in Premiere are playing the audio at twice the speed as the video - it's like the Chipmunks overdubbed everything. The video plays back at the normal speed. The sound is, I'm guessing, twice the speed.

      I'm not very savvy with this program. I'm doing a project for work. I'm downloading video from DVC tape off a camcorder. I'm using Premiere Elements 7. New computer - OS is Vista. More than enough ram, disc space, etc. Drivers are all up to date. The video files are downloading in .avi format. Playback on the raw video files in Windows Media Player is normal too. But when I put it in Premiere, the sound goes out of sync and super fast.

      I did one part of it just fine a few days ago. No issues whatsoever. But now all the video I upload onto my hard drive is coming out Chipmunked. The only difference between that and what is happening now is that I registered the program and it downloaded an update.

      Please help.
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          Oh, and I've tried rendering as a DV AVI and that file has the chipmunk playback too, even in Windows Media.

          The video is captured and imported from a Panasonic PV-GS70D which uses the MiniDV tapes, and onto my computer via a Firewire connection.
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            Paul_LS Level 4
            Are you capturing directly into PE7 over Firewire or capturing with another program? Also when you open the project panel and right click on the clip in the Media Bin and select Properties does it the say the audio is 16 or 12 bit?

            Also go to Edit>Preferences>Audio Hardware... do you have "Premiere Elements Windows Sound" selected and in Asio Settings is Realtek selected
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              Thanks Paul.

              I am capturing with another program. I guess that was dumb; I just used the one that popped up when I connected my computer. I tried to grab a clip with PE7 directly and it seemed to work.

              However, I don't know if I can get the original footage to "recapture" in time.

              As for the "Preferences" both Elements Windows Sound and Realtek are selected. The source audio is 16 bit and the project audio is listed as 32 bit floating.

              Is there any way to modify my settings so that I can use the already captured .avi file on my hard drive of the footage I need?
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                Paul_LS Level 4
                Might be they are DV-AVI type 1 and PE7 only really plays with DV-AVI type 2. Download this utility and if necessary convert them to type 2... will not effect quality: