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    Capturing with PE7 or HDVSplit?

    SiriNeosBoss Level 1
      In PE7 there is an option for detecting diferent scenes. I always use HDVSplit, because the previous versions didn´t have the scene detection option.

      I would like you to know if the performance of PE7 is better using only one file with many scenes inside (captured with PE7), or using all the files created with HDVSplit?
      I mean, how PE7 performes better: With one big file using the scene detection or with many splitted files?

      I think PE7 is more stable tha previous Premiere versions , but the managing of the virtual memory has bugs. I noticed that avery time I open the titler, the available memory is decreased, but when I get out from the titler the available memory does not increase. Is very easy to get the "Premiere is working with few memory, save your project...." message. repeat open/close the titler many times without doing anything and wait for the message.

      Thanks in advanced.
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          New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
          Premiere Elements 7 will only split HDV by content, not by timecode like HDVSplit does. I still use HDVSplit for all of my capturing of HDV material.
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            Its very easy to capture and edit in Premiere Elements. I love HDV workflow of Premiere Elements. It has content based scene detect which is more useful than timecode based scene detect. You have option to automatically apply tags so that your not so good footages are not used in movies that you create.
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              I find that PE4 is stabler (more stable) than PE 7. I chose to upgrade because I was hoping to move from Smugmug to Photoshop.com with its discounted bundled software. However, since it crashes often, my hobby has become unproductive. I have a Quad core, 4GB, Vista 32, 1TB and a 1920x1080p 40-in display.

              The error messages I see are:

              1. "Runtime Error! Program:...\Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0\Adobe Premiere Elements.exe. This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the Application's support..."

              2. PhotoShopServer.exe crashes when I scroll the Organize side bar for more files to view. Using Windows Explorer to scroll the same file folder of videos never crashes.

              3. "Adobe Premiere Elements has stopped working...." This often happens while PE7 does Smart Tagging/Analyzing an AVI file after capture.

              I hope that Adobe will come out with fixes soon and not one year later with another version.
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                New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
                Sorry to Disagree Titanic but the scene detection in Premiere Elements is not good enough. Scene detection by timecode is the only way I can work. HDVSplit does a great job and it isn't any more trouble to capture that way and then edit in Premiere Elements.
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                  SiriNeosBoss Level 1
                  Nobody answered my question.

                  The question is about the performance.

                  I ask this because I am thinking that many of the errors are produced when I have many HDV files.

                  I use HDVSplit, but if the performance is better using the scene detection of PE7, then I will change my workflow.

                  Does anyone have a project with one file of one hour long?
                  How is the performance?

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                    New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
                    I noticed no difference between version 4 and version 7 when working with HDV content, either captured with Premiere Elements or captured with HDVSplit. I do not think that version 7 has any better performance working with HDV.

                    Version 7 does do nice job working with AVCHD files, which version 4 could not.
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                      SiriNeosBoss Level 1
                      I will try to explain my question because I think nobody understand me:

                      What is better for working in PE?:

                      1. Capturing with HDVSplit with the scene detection activated in order to get one file for every scene. There are many HDV files.

                      2. Capturing with PE with the scene detection activated (based in content). In this case there is only one HDV file, and each scene is a different part of the same file.

                      I mean, what is better for PE7?:

                      1. Working with many small files as video input.
                      2. Working with only one big file as video input (In this case, each scene detected is a virtual file of same file, but not a real file).

                      Wich option makes PE using less memory?
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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                        I vote HDV Split.

                        Small pieces are easier to work with than large ones.
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                          New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
                          Yes, I agree, Number 1 is a better option.
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                            No problems with PE 4.0 with my old computer.

                            New computer:
                            4 GB
                            win xp Prof

                            Now on my new computer 4.0 crashes, so I bought PE 7.0
                            It too crashes.

                            I'm going to bring it back to the shop en get a refund.

                            Jan Stevens (Netherlands)
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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              I'm running a laptop with somewhat simiar specs. and OS and have not had a problem with PE4.

                              If both PE4 and PE7 crash on the same box, I'd highly suspect something is amiss with the computer.

                              I'd start a new thread for a couple of reasons:
                              1.) this is an old thread and most users will likely not see it.
                              2.) the thread started with some other problems, and yours might not even be similar

                              Steve will understand, if you start a new thread. I'd also list your complete computer specs, especially the I/O (hard drives and the like), and other programs/Processes, that are running. Then, list you entire workflow, with concentration on details on all of your Assets, and what you are doing, when you get a crash. If there are any error messages, the exact text will be very important. These might tell us if they are Adobe PE errors, of MS OS errors.

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                                PeterFDuke Level 1

                                The two methods are likely to be comparable, but the only way to answer your question objectively is to work on two large projects which are identical except that the sources have been captured in each of the two ways. The projects would have to be large to stess the computer and the program. Whenever PE hiccups, make a note. You will have to have had many (say 10 or more) hiccups before you could put much faith in the results, and the number of hiccups would have to be statistically significantly different between the two projects as well. I've forgotten my statistical theory now, (is it the Poisson distribution?) so I can't be precise on actual numbers.

                                This represents a lot of work, and it is unlikely that anybody has done it. I suggest you experiment a bit yourself and let us know the outcome.