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    Still Titles shift depending on format

      Thank you to all. I appreciate this forum.

      2 problems.

      1. My issue is that I place song titles near bottom left hand corner of project. (pipe band recordings I do). I record in wide screen. Depending on what wide screen format I select the titles move slightly up and across to the right. Need to stop this sort of thing happening!

      2. The screen guides show me what will be displayed on different format TVs. I still have some of my wide screen outside of the guides. When I burn in wide screen I loose the far left and right side of my image. This can be a problem from time to time. Any solutions?

      Regards, Rodney. All the best for Christmas season.
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          New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
          Hi Rodney,
          If you don't get an answer drop by the muvipix.com community, I'm sure someone will be able to help :)
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            This is only a guess, but could your Project settings not match your footage size? Often, one might never know of this mis-match, especially if they have Scale to Frame checked. The footage is automatically scaled, and then one could have some problems with other footage, i.e. Titles that are created per the Project settings.

            Remember, this is just a guess, but might be worth checking out. Project settings should always match Asset/footage settings 100%. If a size change is necessary, then this can be addressed in Export/Share, after editing. It *could* also account for your problem #2.

            Note: some cameras generate wide-screen footage in different ways, so knowing exactly what your camera does is essential when setting up your Project.