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    Premier elements 7.0 installs but won't run, please assist

      I have tried many times to install Premier Elements 7.0 on my computer. I have a very large hard drive and large ram capacity. It is able to run Premier elements 4.0 very well, with no problems. To try to resolve the problem, I uninstalled all Adobe Premier Elements components, cleaned the registry, removed almost all programs from the hard drive in order to make sure there was ample room. I checked and my resources say I have plenty of capibility to run the program. I checked for viruses.
      I am able to install 7.0 and load the program. I am almost able to open a project (I have tried several projects of various sizes) and every time, just as it is completed loading the project, there is an error message and the program shuts down.
      The error says there is a problem with module: ad2mpgvdec.dll and then it tries to send a report to windows online. I ran the program compatibility program with no luck. I am out of ideas. I can't understand how the older versions of Elements run just fine but 7.0 will not.
      Any thoughts? I would love to use this program for editing a Christmas video for my daughter.
      One other thing, the compatibility wizard says that settings for Premier Elements 7.0 are: DisableNXShowUI Not sure what that means and have been unable to google it. Other than that, it gives me no hint as to how to fix the problem.