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    Device Error - Sense Code

      I have tried to burn a DVD using Premier 2.0. Once I got a message - Device Error - Sense Code (04 91 C0) the second time I got the same message but a different Code - (04 92 05). A Third time I got an "Unknown Error" message.

      After the first error, I saved it as an AVI, imported it into a new project, fixed the tail end - which had black frames on it, and am burning from that project.

      I have saved the file to a folder and tried to copy it using Magic DVD Writer, and get an error message there, too.

      When I play the DVD using Nero, it looks fine.

      I am using an AOpen writer. Do you suppose it is the burner - or something else?

      The thing is that 2 weeks ago, I burned one and it flew through. Prior to that I couldn't get 2 others to burn, and I ended up saving them to folders on an external hard drive and taking them to someone else to burn the master DVDs. The final movies are great!

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          A sense code error is usually 1 of 2 things

          1st is a drive going bad

          2nd is some software (oftn "packet writing" software so you can drag and drop files to a CD just like a floppy disk) that is sitting in memory and getting in the way of using the drive

          If the 2nd, create an .ISO or folder and use software with a "smarter" burn module that knows to work around the software that gets in the way (Adobe is not too smart when it comes to that) such as the free http://www.imgburn.com/
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Usually "Sense Code" errors reflect a problem with the burner and the process.

            This can be:
            1.) burner is bad or improperly connected
            2.) burner is "in use" by another application, like a packet-writing module from Nero or Roxio, or even the OS itself
            3.) media is not the correct type, has been used or is bad

            Let's check these in order.

            1.) does this burner function properly in any other application? If so, we can *probably* eliminate #1
            2.) do you have Nero, Roxio or does your OS have a packet-writing (drag-n-drop) application? If so, this is *probably* the cause. If not go down to the next level. Adobe authoring apps need 100% control of the burner. If you must keep the packet-writing app, then look into the free ImgBurn program to actually do your burns.
            3.) what brand of media are you using and what type is it? Have you used this brand and type before? If so, could this particular disc have already been written to, even if it was an aborted burn? I use Taiyo Yuden, or Verbatim blank DVDs, and none has ever failed to burn, or to play in a client's player. Note: some brands, like Memorex might actually contain several different producer's media, marked with their name - part of a spindle can be perfect and the rest bad. Ritek used to have a good rep, but lately they have been causing as many problems as Memorex and "bargain brands." Always use the best media you can possibly afford, and burn at the slowest speed, if your burning app allows you to reduce the burn speed.

            Chances are that the cause is one of the above. If you go though all three of these and are still having problems, let us know the answers to the questions posed in the solutions area.

            Good luck,


            [Edit] John types much more quickly, than I do!
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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Grin... Hi Bill... but you were more complete, and listed a #3 that I missed
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                the_wine_snob Level 9
                Hey John,

                If we work together, we just might nail Penny's problem.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  Hey John,

                  If we work together, we just might nail Penny's problem.

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                    Level 1
                    Excellent! Family Christmas Party last night - hmmm - with 44 peeps, they are always fun.

                    I'm off to an appointment this morning, and will start in on the list when I return later. My fallback is that my son is coming in this afternoon or evening, and I can have him look at it. But I would like to nail it before I rely on him :-) (you know; the independence thing)

                    Another interesting turn of events is that a couple of days ago, my sound outside Adobe stopped working. I can get everything in in my Adobe projects, but when I go to play them in Nero, or try to listen to anything on the internet, it's video but no audio. Eerie.

                    Probably nothing connected to this problem, because I've had the burning DVD issue off and on for months. On the other hand, maybe there is something in my pc that is causing weird stuff to happen.

                    Thanks - I really appreciate your help :-)

                    I'll let you know my progress as I work down the list.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      A couple of things to consider, regarding the sound. If PE produces sound, the the audio system should be working fine. It is more often that the rest of the system has sound, but not PE, and that is usually a setting in PE's Edit>Preferences>Audio & Audio Hardware. This is not your problem.

                      It is most likely that something has been muted in say Nero - forget if it's a visible slider, or if it's maybe a speaker icon that must be opened. I'd look at Nero first.

                      Next, in Control Panel, check your Sound area. Look for a checkbox in Mute for any/all slider bars. Check their levels, while there.

                      Last, check for audio card drivers, however if PE has sound, this should not be the issue. More likely a Mute someplace.

                      As a test, does Windows Media Player have sound?

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                        I've got some news - mixed, but some results. I stopped at Best Buy and got some Verbatim DVD-Rs, and have now been able to burn the DVD using the Magic DVD copier, and it looks great.

                        I used the Verbatim disc to burn a DVD from PE, and got the Unknown Error Message - no movie on disc.

                        I have both Roxio and Nero on my pc, but don't use them to burn DVDs, just to make data CDs. I'm not sure what kind of .iso script (?) I need in order to close them down so they don't interfere with the PE burn. If you could lead me to it, I'll try that.

                        I suppose as long as it works to save the video files to a folder and then copy them to a DVD, I'm ok, but it would still be nice to be able to burn right from PE.

                        And now to the sound. I've checked the sound controls on my desktop panel, Nero panel, and computer Control Panel, and they all look like they should produce sound - no Mute boxes checked, volume slides up at max. The speakers on my pc are on my monitor, and that is turned on. But, again, since PE is producing sound, it would seem something more specific than generic to the pc.

                        In addition, I have played video and audio in:

                        QuickTime - no sound for either audio or video files
                        Windows Movie Maker - no sound
                        Riva flash player - or Adobe flash files - no sound
                        Camtasia - no sound
                        iTunes - no sound

                        but I still get sound in PE and video on all of them.

                        I'm sure this is going to be some really easy fix - when it appears! I think I downloaded an update to AIM before this problem occurred. Could there be something in there that caused the problem?

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                          Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                          You probably won't be able to burn in Premiere Elements if Roxio is installed. There's nothing wrong with Roxio, it's just that Premiere Elements has a problem with it. You may not be able to burn to a folder even. Some people don't seem to have a problem, but some do, especially me. Even if you uninstall Roxio, there are files that get left behind, and those are the files that cause problems whether it's installed or uninstalled.

                          Nero has an app named InCD that isn't installed with the main package unless you explicitly tell it to install it. That will cause a problem if it's installed.

                          A possible solution, if Roxio or Nero isn't a problem, is to uninstall Quicktime, then reinstall it again, preferably with the latest version, but I always stick with version 7.3.1. Another product I have doesn't like the later versions of Quicktime.
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                            Great! So, how do I get rid of the extra files when I uninstall Roxio? I'm ok with uninstalling it, since I don't use it anyway.

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                              Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                              Found it. In the FAQs about the files that get left behind after the uninstall:

                              Robert J. Johnston, "Export to DVD problem - another possible fix." #1, 16 Jun 2007 11:59 pm
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                                Thanks to everyone!

                                I uninstalled my Roxio and threw away my Maxell and Memorex discs - replaced them with Verbatim, and now have successfully burned 2 DVDs - one via Magic DVD copier and the other one straight from PE.

                                I truly appreciate all of your time and suggestions.