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    PE7 Sluggish Compared to PE3

      I'm a longtime PE3.0.2 user who downloaded PE7 to see what it's like - I've purchased a AVCHD camera and am curious how it will perform. Before I even tried working with an AVCHD file, I created a simple HDV1080i project and dropped in some HDV1080i captures. Right away, I noticed that PE7 doesn't playback the timeline nearly as smooth as PE3. Even viewing an HD video clip directly from the 'organize' or 'edit' windows is noticably choppy. I created the very same project in PE3 - all playbacks of the same files are great, in the timeline or the media window.

      Does the PE7 trail have some performance limitations vs. the full version? Is this latest version that much more processor intensive?

      Hardware summary: Win XP, Pentium Core 2 Dual 2.16 GHz, 2GB Ram, dual 250 GB HDD, GeForce 7300 GT 256MB, updated OS & video card drivers. Haven't updated the motherboard BIOS in a while.

      Any suggestions to make PE7 more usable? The AVCHD clips are even more choppy but I expected some of that.