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    Prem Elem 7 Errors & Issues

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      I recently purchased Prem Elem 7 (with Photshop Elem 7)& I have been having several error messages & crashes when using Prem Elem 7.

      I am creating a DVD project & when the file is loaded I get a "Low Memory" error telling me to "procede with caution". I looked at these Forums along with the Adobe KB for advice. I have tried to restart my PC using Selective Startup so practictly nothing is loaded at startup. My project has dozens of videos & hundreds of photos. I have been able to work on the project up to the DVD write process, but now when I try to burn the project to DVD - the program crashes. I am very frustrated with Prem Elem 7 - it seems so buggy! Has anybody else have these issues? Anybody have a way to solve this? Does the size of the photos used in the project have any bearing? (They are from a Canon 10 Mpixel digital camera).
      Here are the specs on my PC
      - Win Vista Home Prem
      - AMD Dual Core processor ~ 2Ghz
      - 3 GB Ram
      - More than 300 GB Hard Drive Space avail
      - Nvidia Graphics card (updated drivers helped most of the issues)

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          I'd say, without a doubt, the problem is the size of those photos, Robert. Hundreds of 10 gig photos? That's death to this program.

          Per the FAQs at the top of this forum, we recommend sizing all photos to 1000x750 pixels for optimal performance.

          Oversized photos are the chief reason this program chokes in the rendering phase!
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            Well - each photo isn't 10Gb - more like 3Gb? (3000 x 2000 pixels).
            I will use the batch photo processing tool with Photoshop Elements to resize the photos. I'll post what happens.

            Thanks for the advice, Steve.
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              VideoJohnny Level 1
              >Well - each photo isn't 10Gb - more like 3Gb? (3000 x 2000 pixels).

              That's 6 Mpixels. Those photos are way too big. Do as Steve suggests, 1000x750.
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                junoflydog Level 1
                I did a project with ~ 250 1.5 meg photos. All photos had motion pan/scan/zoom and it never had memory issues. My computer is about the same except I run XP, PreEl 3, and with no virus protection. (It has never touched the internet.) My computer came with a Vista upgrade disk but I refused to upgrade.

                When it renders, the large photo size slows the generating of preview files but runs great after the "red bar" turns green.


                Disconnect from the net, run a complete virus scan, turn off your virus and adware scanners, then see if it runs better.

                If you do resize your photos, make a copy first of them in their original size.
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                  Hi All - I resized my photos to 33% of what they were. Good news is now when I load the project, I no longer get the "Low Memory" error. My entire project runs about 1Hr 30Min. When I try to burn the project to the DVD - It still seems to have issues. Sometimes the program stops working before I can even get to the DVD selection menu. I tried making a test file, burning a project with 2 AVIs & 2 photos - it worked fine.

                  Could my issue be the total number of videos used in the project?
                  Would you guys suggest paring down the project some?

                  The one thing I will try is to do a selective Windows Startup (unplugged from internet) & see if that will work.

                  I created a similar project last year, but with PE 2. Never had any issues on a much inferior machine. (Older pc was XP SP2, Celeron processor, 1 GB Ram)

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                    Try the troubleshooting steps in our FAQ to isolate the problem.
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                      I tried to run PE7 with Windows selective startup (no services, AV, internet) & I am still getting errors trying to burn to DVD, burn to folder & exporting the timeline as DV AVI.

                      When I try to burn to DVD or Burn to Folder - I eventually get a Transcoding Error - "Adobe PE7 failed to return a video frame."

                      WHen I try to export the timeline as a DV AVI - it evetually stops rendering at a certain frame (frame 893 of 17450?)

                      Is there someting inherinently wrong with the clips I have or something? I am getting extremely frustrated with PE7....
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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        The "Failed to return frame," is usually indicative of a problem with a Clip/Asset. Your third paragraph indicates a good place to start looking, though there might well be more trouble spots down the Timeline.

                        First thing that I'd look for would a gap in the Video. This can be as small as one frame, and a full Zoom of the Timeline (Sceneline Mode will probably not show anything) would be in order. Look closely. I also use the PageUp/PageDown to move the CTI back and forth. If is seems to "hang/skip," then you have probably found your problem. There can be no gaps in the Video Track.

                        If you find no gaps, then study the Clip/Asset at that point on the Timeline. What is unique about it? Is it a large still, an AVI with a different CODEC? A MOV Reference file? There is something that PE does not like about that Clip and cannot work around. If it's a AVI file, use G-Spot to study it a bit more (www.headbands.com/gspot). You might have to remove it, convert it to DV-AVI outside of PE and re-Import it, placing it back onto the Timeline. One quick test would be to replace that Clip with Black Video (create this with the New icon) and test an Export. Does this one work? Do you get additional errors down the Timeline? Replace that/those with Black Video, as a test.

                        Tracking down the culprit(s) can be time-consuming. Have patience. This is why I always convert to DV-AVI outside of my NLE. Then check and re-check for any gaps.

                        Good luck,

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                          I had the same issue and finally tracked it down to the still images in my video. I resized them to the size of my videos (640x480) and converted them to BMP. Not sure if the BMP conversion is necessary, the resize seems to be. After that no more "Failed to return a video frame" errors!
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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            Thank you for the reply. You are correct, failure to resize still images can cause all sorts of problems. If I'm not doing any pans/zooms, I also go with the exact dimensions of the project. The FAQ lists the optimal size for pans/zooms. The format should not have been a problem. PE works fine with PSD, TIF, JPEG and BMPs. I use PSD's, because that is the format that the stills are already in from Photoshop. I just use it to do a batch re-size on an entire folder of larger images, prior to Import into PE, or P-Pro. However, lower compression (higher JPEG number in Photoshop) JPEG's work fine too. It is the actual size in pixels, that can cause the problems, especially if one has a lot of them.

                            As a side note: I find the re-sizing algorithms in PS to be superior to Premiere's re-sizing scheme, plus you have more control. For DV it probably doesn't make that much difference in the final output, but I already have the images in PS, so I just do a batch process and am done.

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                              I have had the same problem as Mr. Buhre.
                              To give you a background, I started with Premier Elements 2, the 3 and 4 and now 7 on a computer that is built for video editing only.
                              It is an Asus PK5 motherboard. Intel Q6700 processor, NVIDIA 8800 GTX videocard, 2 GB of Ram (Crucial), 1000Wat power supply and SB Audigy2 ZS sound card. All drivers are up to date. The project is all video (No stills) imported from Mini dv tapes via a Sony digital VCR. Importing has gone fine along with editing the clips. Now opening the project and clicking on a clip in Scene line view gives me the following error: " Runtime error: Program:...Adobe Premier Elements 7.0\Adobe Premier Elements.exe. This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
                              Please contact the Application support Team for more information"
                              Clicking OK brings this lovely massage: " Adobe PE.exe Application error. The exeption unkown software exception (oxc0000d)occurred in the Application at location OX7813800aa0. Click OK to terminate the program." repeated rebooting, uninstalling and reinstalling the Application has not helped. This has been giong on for some time and I have exhausted al resources. Talking to Adobe cost money for something that they should be supporting. My computer is not used for any other purposes and is not subjected to viruses or spyware. Any suggestion is appreciated. My next step is to wipe the hard drive and install everything anew and try again and if unsuccessful it would be goodby Adobe.
                              Mike M.
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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                I do not recall any Runtime Errors in the PE forum (may have missed, or forgotten them), however they seem fairly common on the Premiere Pro side. You might want to head over there and do a search for Runtime. Search from the top of the Premiere Pro forum, to include all versions. I'm certain that many of the various articles/threads will not be of any use to you, but there might be a suggeted fix, or workaround that would help.

                                "Software Exceptions" are often related to RAM issues. These can be at the hardware level, or the OS's RAM management level. From memory, it does seem that there was a MS Runtime.dll update/replacement, that figured into one, or more, of the PP fixes. IIRC, this was for XP-Pro. I did not notice what OS you are running.

                                Good luck,

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                                  Bill - instead of zooming in on the timeline looking for the missing gap in the timeline - I decided to try the project from the beginning and use your other suggestion.

                                  I dropped into the timeline one segment of video(s) at a time & then did the file/export/movie to DV AVI seperately. If one of these segments failed to render, then I found my faulty source file(s). I also did this to the photo slideshow (150~ clips with audio) exported as a single DV AVI clip. It turns out no clip had a problem.

                                  I then deleted all the older source files out of the catalog, leaving only the DV AVI clips to work with. I dropped these into the timeline, placed DVD markers, applied a DVD template & had absolutely no issues burning to DVD! (all while running Windows normally).

                                  I guess it really makes a difference to think ahead next time & convert all the clips to DV AVI before creating the project.

                                  Thanks everybody for your help & suggestions & hopefully somebody else having the same problems I did can get some use out of this thread.

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    I'm glad that you were able to successfully complete your Project.

                                    I do agree that prep of all Assets, outside of PE (or any NLE, for that matter) is the best course of action. It can be a tad frustrating, having to do a conversion, but I use that time to get my Project setup, while the conversions are on-going in the background. When I'm done and ready, they are usually complete and ready to be Imported.

                                    Thanks for reporting,

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                                      Happy New Year everybody:
                                      My previous post regarding errors and spontanous closing of Pre7 has been removed for unknown reasons! I had posted my computers specs which is far beyound required minimum and I had mentioned that I only capture DV-AVI from a Sony digital vcr and a Mini DV tape. I have no stills on the timeline, no special effects and a few simple titles. The project is 1 hour 30 minutes. The computer has no other programs except Pre7 and Quicktime. OS is WinXp Pro with Service pack 3. No Anti virus program.
                                      Trying to finish this project has been time consuming because of crashes every 2 minutes. The error messages are: Pre7 is running low on resources and has to close, A serious error has occurred and the program has to close and similar messages. On the previous post Mr. Hunt suggested that my RAM memory (2GB) might be at fault. I run Memtest86 several times and found no errors.
                                      Next I formated the drive and reinstalled evrything, updated all drivers and reinstalled Pre7. The C drive where Pre7 is installed is a WD Raptor 150Gig. 10000 rpm and the drive where the project is saved is a WD 750Gig, 7200rpm. I have followed the extensive Adobe trouble shooting algorythm and have not been able to resolve the problem. I have tried Pre4 with the same problem. The errors appear when I click the text button to add a title.
                                      I know that this is a complex problem but because of the significant number of other people who have similar problems I am hoping that Adobe woul look into this matter and find a solution since I know they look and read these posts, they say so on their support page.
                                      For now I have stoped working on this project, I have ordered new memories and after trying that I will report back.
                                      Mike M.
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                                        Unhappy newyear for users of Prem elements 7.0

                                        My new computer:

                                        4 gb
                                        win xp prof
                                        2 Hd 750 gb

                                        I taped a performance of a choir with 4 cameras
                                        2X tape = avi files
                                        2x card = mod files

                                        When I render the movie it always crashes

                                        Black screen and windows starts again

                                        Please help

                                        Jan Stevens (Netherlands)
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                                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                                          No need to post more than once with the same rant, Jan.

                                          You'll get more responses, in fact, if you start your own thread rather than tagging onto the end of someone else's unrelated issue.

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                                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                                            I remember seeing and reading your posts. I find it odd that they should have been removed. I have not noticed any server problems with Adobe forums, but maybe I missed something.

                                            I'll look at your current post and see if I can see something of note.

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                                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                                              Just a thought here: the Titler sub-app in PE and also Pro is very touchy with regards to fonts. Strange, since Adobe is in that business, but that's the way that it is.

                                              Now, if one has just one corrupt font, problems can manifest. Usually, this is seen as a crash, when Titler initializes. I have not seen any resource problems due to a corrupt font, but since you mention Titler, I wonder. It's a little "resource hog," but still your system should not even blink. Have you had any "crashes" with Titler, when you scrolled your fonts?

                                              I have to admit that I am "grasping at straws here," but maybe it is just something that is not obvious.

                                              Refresh my memory, please. What Assets are you working with? Anything there?

                                              My New Year was starting out on a high note, and then you still have not gotten a cure. Dang!

                                              We'll get to the bottom of this yet, and I hope that the posts do not get lost. That is an even bigger mystery to me.

                                              Good luck and we'll be chattin'


                                              BTW, glad your RAM was OK. Again, another guess there.

                                              You're running Vista, right? Is it 32 bit, or 64?

                                              I do not have PE7, but to date, PE4 has been a pretty stable program, but I use P-Pro so very much more. Still, Titler has never given me a moments problem in either.

                                              Let's review what we should be able to rule out:

                                              HDD size, speed and space is out
                                              RAM is adequate and tested
                                              Other SW is out, as you have only Adobe
                                              All drivers updated
                                              The corrupt font thing just seems too far-fetched
                                              What about your Page File? Size, location, dynamic or static?

                                              Man, this is a tough one. There is usually a red flag someplace, and I do not see it.

                                              [Edit] Wow, did this post ever get scrambled. It was obviously a problem with the server, of maybe I should not be doing wine tasting, while posting to an Adobe forum... If no one can make any sense of it, and I admit that I'm having trouble, then I'll re-edit it into the intended form.
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                                                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                                                And none of your posts have been removed, Mike. I'm the forum host, and I only remove patently offensive material. (Though I may move questions posted to the FAQ area out to the main forum.)

                                                According to my records, you've only posted twice -- on Christmas and on New Year's Day.
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                                                  I can't see my post on 12/25/08. It should be right after the first post on this thread.
                                                  Also a progress repor: After a few crashes I mangaged to finish the project and proceeded to burn it to DVD. At first try it transcoded the media then stopped gaving the following massage: "Memory allocation error" with only the choice to cancel. The second attempt resulted in "Transcoding error". My third attempt is in progress.
                                                  By the way my OS is not Vista, it is WinXp Pro with SP3.
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                                                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                                                    You need to click the Show All Messages button at the bottom of the thread.

                                                    In order to keep them readable, the threads collapse after you read them.

                                                    Regardless, I'd recommend you start your own thread, if you want to get someone's full attention. If you tag onto a thread where people are already working through a challenge, you risk a lot of cross-talk or being ignored completely for the sake of clarity.