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    A New Sticky for Adobe Premiere Forum

    the_wine_snob Level 9
      Hello Steve,

      One of the constant respondents to the Adobe Premiere Pro Forums has written an article on how to ask a question properly.

      The MODs at the PP forums have made this a sticky. Other than a flashing neon sign, I can't think of anything else to do.

      You might wish to contemplate similar. Link:

      Take a look at the main page for the PP forum, to see the link.

      Happy Holidays,

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          Paul_LS Level 4
          There is this one at the top of the Premiere Elements forum:
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            Robert J. Johnston Level 3
            The proper way to ask a question. I think I'm going to throw up.
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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I guess that that one got past me. It does cover all of the high points, especially the information about one's system and their Asset files. Also, what they are actually doing, when the problem occurs.

              Maybe Steve could increase the font size, as I do not appear to be the only one who has missed this - probably saw it and read it on the first visit and then dismissed it. Thanks for pointing this out. I feel a tad foolish now.


              As mundane as it seems, asking a question properly in these forums seems to be a lost art. What happens is the user panics and posts a couple of words, that may, or may not make much sense. The next three replies are requests for more information, so the others can get to solving the problem. For whatever reason, I see that most posters are loathe to provide details of their Assets (especially), and their computer (secondarily). I'm sure that many do not realize that a PC computer can come in all sorts of flavors, and that their configuration might actually have a bearing on their problem. Same for the Assets. AVIs, MPEGs, VOBs and MOVs are all the same, right?

              One limitation that many have, is that they have no clue how to get info on their Assets. They have never heard of G-Spot, etc. Maybe a few step-by-step instructions could help - if the poster only saw the sticky to begin with.

              Not so much here, but in the PP forums, a poster will ramble on about what a tight deadline they are under and what a POS application PP is, and never give full details of their system, their Assets, what they are doing and the exact error messages. Maybe by reply 15, some of this data will be forthcoming. In the time that it took to extract the necessary data, the problem could have been long solved.

              Here, there are fewer rants (though the forum is not without some), and I believe that the problem is that the general knowledge level of the user posting is down a bit. They do not know that AVI is but a "wrapper," and have no clue as to how they can find out necessary info. Recently, we were up to about reply #12, before we found out that the Asset was a DivX AVI and that was causing the problem.

              In the Encore forum, several of us worked for over a year on the "PGC Error" problem. There were three threads and one was about 250 replies long. These threads all started in the same way, "Come on Adobe, get your act together. I can't use this software for authoring... " There was never much info at all. We'd request that info, spelling it out in great detail - nothing. Then someone would post, "Hey, I have the same problem. Can't Adobe fix this?" The same process would begin again, with requests for info. On it went. It was not until a power-useer, Stanley Jones, hit the error, and began working on it, that any of us got the requested data - 230 replies later. With a lot of input from Stanley, and many tests with his .NCOR files, we were able to at least see the error in a few instances. Something that had never been observed before. He finally came up with some guidelines on the possible cause, and a few workaround. He furnished the material to Adobe for investigation. If only the first, or second, etc., poster had seen fit to answer the questions, a solution could possibly have come a year before.

              Over time, many of us have gotten pretty good at "guessing" what is likely causing the error, crash, or problem. Still, with the proper info, we do not have guess quite so often.

              Heck, I'd go so far as to provide a PDF form, to be filled in, prior to posting, with most of the pertinent questions already there. Some tech support sites force the user to go to, and at least open, several knowledgebase articles - they don't have to read them, though that is a very good idea. All of this before they can actually post about their problem. One that I was on took about 45 mins. of going from KB article to KB article. I was getting frustrated, and then I was given a link to just the right one! Problem solved.

              I don't wish to make you ill, but think of the number of times that you have had to pry the necessary info out of a poster, or have just lost interest in the problem, when you possibly had the cure, right in your little black bag.

              Now, I'd rather spend my time working on some aesthetic problem/question, than figuring out why the trial version of PE won't install on a Unix box.

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                I'm with Robert :)