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    picture- in -pictue overlay

      i cant find this option! just installed premier elements[ 7.] 5 steps in the instuction manual number 4 states select picture in picture. cant find it. tried cutomer support adobe uk,he had same problem. he said try forum,hence the query. im on xp
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          junoflydog Level 1
          Like most things in PrEl, this is fairly easy once you know how, but hard to figure it out the first time. I find the program to be great, but the help files to be very lacking.

          I do not know what instruction manual you are referring to but I will assume you want to place a second smaller video clip on top of your main clip. I use PrEl 3 but it should be about the same as PrEl 7.

          1) Put your main clip on the video track 1.

          2) Put your insert clip on video track 2. You should not see your main clip (track 1) since the insert clip is above it (track 2).

          3) Highlight (select) your insert clip and you will see it in the properties windows in the upper right.

          4) In the properties window, click the triangle on motion so you can see all of the motion properties.

          5) Change the size percentage to a number like %20. You should now see your insert video centered on the screen at 1/5 the size with your main video showing under it.

          6) Move your insert video to where you would like it with the motion location variables, like near the bottom left.

          DONE !!

          Note: To give it an extra professional look, you can add a drop shadow to the insert window to make it stand off your main video.

          1) With the insert video still selected, go to the video effects and grab the drop shadow effect (can't remember which folder) and drag it to your properties window.

          2) Click the triangle to open the effects. I like the options of Black color, %50 transparent, 135 degrees, 75 pixels, 50 softness.
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            A.T. Romano Level 7
            If you are specifically looking for the PIPs (Picture In Picture) and not a workaround, please check out the following route:

            1. Open Premiere Elements 7
            2. Make sure that you are in the "Edit" interface where it says Organize Edit Disc Menus Share.
            3. In Edit, select the Effects tab where it says Project Themes Effects Transitions Titles
            4. In Effects, top left underneath the thumbnail, you should see a panel that probably says "Video Effects". Click on the tiny arrow next to those words to bring up more options. In those options, select "Presets".
            5. In Presets, scroll down until you get to the PIPs and choose from the many offerings.

            As said before, image for background on video track 1 and image for insert on video track 2. Highlight image on video track 2. Then you can:
            1. click on the PIP of choice in the Effects Panel and hit Apply
            2. click and drag the PIP of choice into the Monitor
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              thanks so much , perfect,i would never have worked this out.i spent fruitless hours on this. merry xmas
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                thanks so much,it worked perfectly.ive wasted so many hours on this,ive no doubt ill be posting again as i progress thanks again merry xmas
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                  A.T. Romano Level 7
                  Robert Shillito,

                  When you hit a block, just post. We all navigated this learning curve one time or another. When you get a chance, explore all the options under PIPs. You would be amazed how creative you can be with that Effect. Continued success.

                  Happy Holidays.
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                    Does Elements 4.0 have video 1 and video 2 tracks?


                    I would like to add some caption (text) in the foreground of a video clip.

                    Cannot locate video 2
                    Cannot locate pic in pic option
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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                      Premiere Elements has up to 99 video and 99 audio tracks, Ken. Make sure you're in Timeline rather than Sceneline mode.
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                        Level 1
                        Thanks Steve.

                        Figured things out as usual. After months of putting together an hour movie, i just discovered the slider on the left in timeline that provides the numerous tracks!

                        Then a lot of the other stuff that i had read about made sense. I am ow profiecient in overlaying simple and complicated captions -- an hour afterfinding the track slider!

                        The one thing that i always keep in mind while discovering the inherent beauty of the program, is that usually the "help section" makes litle or no sense, but if you close your eyes and try something completely different other than what the instrections said, you usually get what you want. An Adobe learning curve life lesson!
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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                          Or you can buy Steve Grisetti's Premiere Elements 7 book, available on Amazon.com. It answers all your questions! (Well, nearly all anyway. And the others can usually be answered quickly here or at http://muvipix.com/phpBB3// )