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    PE7 takes 6 minutes to load

      I have just installed PE 7 and when I open a project the screen is frozen for five to six minutes before I can start working. Is this because I have a dual head video card? Matrox P650 PCLe128
      If I set the screen resolution at 800x600 it will open a project straight away. But set higher, and I usually have it set at 1280 x 1024 there is a long delay while it is frozen for at least five minutes.
      Have Athlon 3200 and 2g of Ram. C drive is 250 Gb with 200 of free space. D drive on which I save video is 250GB with 184 of free space.
      Do I just have to wait 5 minutes, or is there somthing I can do to correct it? Have gone through all steps recommended in Adobe TechNote kb404997 but no joy. Appreciate any help yopu can give. Brian
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          My title should read PE7 takes 6 minutes to open PROJECT
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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
            It definitely should not take more than a minute to open.

            Though I can't tell from your specs what's going on. You've got an older computer, so it could well be that it just needs some maintenance to clear off spyware, remove temp files and clear fragmentation. Outdated drivers and firmware can also be an issue. So can too many processes running in the background. So can too many files in browser's web page cache!

            Doing the maintenance we recommend in the FAQs at the top of this forum might make a difference. (Be sure to do every step the first time.)

            After you've done this, you can also try uninstalling (removing preferences) and reinstalling the program.

            There is definitely something wrong here -- but it's something in your system. It's not a function of Premiere Elements. (My processor is much slower and yet it opens in about 45 seconds.)
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              New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
              Premiere Elements doesn't support screen resolutions of below 1024 x 768 and we do not recommend using that low of a setting either.
              It is not the screen resolution that is the problem but could very well be the Matrox card, I have heard of problems between some of the models and Premiere, Pro and Elements.

              Is it any project that takes 6 minutes to load or just one project?
              Does it take the same time to load a brand new project?
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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                The "loading" of a Project is most often dependent on two factors, the size of the Project (plus how the folder structures are organized and located) and the I/O system of the computer. The Project files are basically XML databases of all of the Assets, where they are stored and notations on what has been done to them. Premiere basically has to go out to your system, check the location of each file, verify each file against the links in the XML and when done, report back that all is OK.

                Your I/O system, on the surface, looks good enough to not be a problem, but you do not mention the connection, i.e. SATA II, etc. How the Project is spread over your two HDDs, along with the placement and size of your Windows Page File could also account for some of the slowness. It sounds like a logjam with I/O, and I'd explore all possibilities there first. Steve's comments on housekeeping are very good ones and would be my first step. Next, look into the size and placement, plus management of your Page File. Give us a breakdown of how your I/O is set up in PE's Preferences.

                Though your experimentation with the monitor rez seems to indicate a direct correlation to the resolution and the time to load, I would be puzzled by this being the culprit. The video card is only responsible for drawing the UI of Premiere. That UI, while intricate, is nothing compared to even a simple 3D image with shading. While not quite "apples to oranges," (more like tangerines to oranges), my old Matrox G450 64MB card pushes my Photoshop C2 on a 1280x1024 dual display with no problems. The draw of that program's UI, with palettes spread over both 21" monitors is almost instantaneous.

                OTOH, on my workstation, P-Pro Projects of many hours with thousands of Assets on 16 Video Tracks and 28 Audio Tracks, opens in about 2 mins. That time is spent on locating my Assets on 4x1TB HDDs (OS on separate HDD with program, media on one, scratch disks on another and transcode, etc., on another). Your time is far too long, IMO.

                In my case, the UI has been completely drawn, while the task bar progresses for loading the Project. How is it on your system? Has the UI been completely drawn, while you wait?

                Matrox has a bad, and generally deserved, reputation for flaky drivers - good cards, but little driver support. There could be something there, but I cannot imagine the problem that you are seeing. Still, crazier things have happened. As a test, once the Project has been opened, try turning the thumbnail previews off completely (this would be in the Timeline/Sceneline, the Project Panel and the Organizer). Save and Exit, then relaunch/load. Did this change the time? It should only affect the re-draw on the screen, and not the actual loading of the Project. Even with all thumbnail images turned on, I can work on my Projects, while the thumbs draw/refresh, so I don't know if this is what you are seeing, or not.

                I'll be interested in seeing how you solve this problem (and I think that it IS a problem), and will be glad to be proved wrong on the video card aspect.

                Good luck,

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                  Dear Steve, Chuck and Bill thank you ever so much for taking the time to reply to my troubles. Your time and expertise is much appreciated.
                  Perhaps I should give you a few more details of my computer, then what I have done.
                  Computer is 3 years old. Athlon 3200 and 2 g of Ram. 4 hard drives. Matrox P650 video card with dual heads. Two 19 inch CRT monitors.
                  A month ago I had trouble with Windows opening. My IT expert said the C drive may be faulty, replaced it with new 250g Sata drive ( 204 free space) and transferred my programs over to it.

                  My drives for storing data 2 x 250g Sata drives. Were Raid linked so as to be mirror drives. These were separated into two separate drives D ( 204 free space) and H (208 free) when new C drive put in. Had another 180g older drive in (not sata) which was partitioned into E for a scratch disk, and G as a spare to back up some photos on.

                  I always did disk clean up, scanned for virus and spyware each week and defraged all drives each month.

                  After encountering trouble when starting to use PE7 I followed Adobe Tech note kb404997
                  Set up a new user with only, PE7, My Computer, and Recycle Bin icons on desk top.
                  Still no joy in loading a project, had to wait 5 minutes to open a new project, or once I had downloaded 4 minutes of video from camera, it also took 5 minutes to open that existing project. Task Manager showed that PE7 Not Responding. CPU usage ranged from 50% to 100% and PF usage 500 to 809mb All that time the little red light on top of the computer was blinking as if trying to work and find something.

                  Took computer down to my technician. He could not see why it took so long to open a new or small existing project. He installed the latest driver for the Matrox card.
                  No difference. He then installed a new ATI RX2400PRO card and driver with dual heads. No difference. Set scratch disk to E drive. No difference. Put the Matrox card back in.

                  When I got home I made the screen resolution very small 800 x 600 New project or existing project opened straight away. Changed the resolution back to 1280 x 1024
                  Project opened immediately not frozen - but only opened in the top left two thirds of the screen! When I grabbed the bottom corner and pulled it out towards full screen, it got half way out then everything froze for 5 minutes! Next time I opened it, it displayed full screen, but was frozen for 5 minutes!

                  Followed your suggestions and did another full disk cleanup, virus scan and spyware, and disk defrag. C needed doing, D & H were not bad. G took ages to defrag several hours. Uninstalled PE7 and preferences again I had uninstalled and reinstalled it 4 times previously and then scanned everything again before re-installing. Noticed on disk clean up of C drive that there were still some items on it. Web client/Publisher Tempory files 32KB and Compress old files 55KB Does that matter?

                  Steve. Couldnt see any other processes running in Task Manager. Sorry I didnt know where to look for too many files in browsers web page cache.

                  Noticed when I opened the scratch disk (E) there were some PE7 files on it. Should they be there? Is that normal?
                  Even after deleting all files from G drive it took over an hour to defrag! Disconnected G/E Drive, but no difference.

                  Bill, It looks like you know some good things to check. But beyond me, so I will refer your suggestions on to my IT man. But many thanks.
                  Went to open my last project to see if I could turn the thumbnails previews off, as you suggested. But the name of the project was not on the open project list. Found it by going to the D drive where I had saved it. Another thing, after the project was open and working, I went to File- Open Project, and clicked on another project. It was frozen!

                  Sorry, looked, but could not find where to turn the Thumbnail Previews off in timeline/Sceneline, Project panel and the Organiser.

                  One other thing I have noticed, though it may have nothing to do with opening a PE7 project. When opening Photoshop CS3 I first of all get the message, The folder specified for Tempory files is not available. The default folder will be used. Would this affect PE7?

                  Is it good practice to save a project to a drive other than C? Should scratch disk be set to yet another drive?

                  Steve and Chuck. I Purchased PE1 when it first came out, also your book, PE2 In A Snap. But did not get into the programme as I had to go back to Papua New Guinea to help with major urgent repairs to Church Regional Office building. Now I am ready to put all my old PNG footage on to DVD Is your book still useful for PE7, or are you bringing out a new edition?

                  Thanks again for all of your help.
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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                    There is indeed a guide for version 7, published by our new website http://www.muvipix.com.

                    You can find "The Muvipix.com Guide to Premiere Elements 7" on Amazon.com or you can buy it through the Muvipix store at:
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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      As for your PS Scratch Disk, my guess is that the folder originally specified has been removed, when you changed your HDD's. In PS, go to Edit>Preferences>Scratch Disks and set you your largest empty HDD.

                      Even with a re-read of your specs., I'm not sure what your I/O (Input/Output, i.e. HDD config.) is. One thing that sticks out to me is that some of the physical HDDs seem to be partitioned. As of about WinME, this is no longer necessary and often causes major performance problems, as the heads are essentially called to be at two different places on various platters, at the same time. Partitioning should not be used, if at all possible.

                      Without special considerations, I'd use an I/O setup similar to this:

                      Fastest 160-250 GB HDD for OS and programs, with the Page File (there are ways to relocate, or to spit this, but it takes some benchmarking and experimentation. For now, I'd set it to static at about 3x your RAM and leave it on C:\) - nothing else.

                      One larger fast HDD for "media."
                      One larger fast HDD for PE's Projects and Scratch Disks in the same folder as the Project files.
                      One larger fast HDD for Exports.
                      One HDD (can be large, but need not be that fast) for stock photos, SFX and similar Assets, that one is likely to use.
                      I have a separate large fast HDD for all of my Audio

                      All above are separate "physical" HDDs, and are not partitioned. I also split my Page File over two physical HDDs, but this took some experimentation and benchmarking to find the best layout.

                      FWIW, Fry's just ran a sale on WD 1TB ATA-300 HDDs for ~ US$169. If I had any room in my full-tower case, I'd pick up four more of these.

                      I've also been having some great results doing editing from my laptop to/from 2TB FW-800 Maxtor external HDDs. If I had a lot of SFX Assets, etc., I'd look to putting these (and still photos) onto one. USB just doesn ot work for me well, and FW-400 is a barely usable. Still, for seldom used Assets, the latter might work too, depending on the computer's FW-400 connections.

                      First thing that I'd do would be to explore eliminating any partitions and maybe adding another physical HDD.

                      Now, for the running Processes, in TaskManager, click on the Proeesses Tab. You will have a few dozen (or more) running. When doing NLE work, I first exit out of my AV, pop-up blocker and sypwear programs, then use a simple little freeware program, EndItAll2 to end all unnecessary Processes. Normally, I can eliminate about 20 of these. NLE work requires a ton of computer resources, so I do not do other things on my workstation, while I'm editing. Luckily, I have four other computers, so all is not lost.

                      Good luck,

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                        Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                        With about 1500 stills on the timeline in my project, it takes 2-1/2 to 3 minutes to load it. Pentium 4, 3 GHz HyperThreading, 1 GB RAM. 7200RPM IDE drives. When the thumbnails on the timeline are hidden, it takes 2-1/2 minutes. When they are showing it takes 3 minutes.
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                          Thanks Robert. How do you hide the thumbnails on the time line, perhaps I should try that,.

                          Bill. Thanks for your comments. the old drive I had partitioned I have removed.
                          Tried disconnecting the power to my two hard drives where I store photos and put new project on to C drive which is new and has 200GB of free space. No difference. cleaned all photos from one 250 gb drive and started a new project on that, but no difference. Downloaded Enditall2 Didn't follow it too well. There were 36 item showing and all but 12 of them had the safty lock on. I was not sure which to allow to close. In the Task manager there were 49 items listed. I have wasted weeks on this start up now. Perhaps I should just live with the 5 minute delay, and get on with learning the program! I am on Skype if that is any way to get more information or help if that is possible. brian.watts14 Thanks again, Brian
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                            Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                            To hide the thumbnails on the timeline, you keep clicking on the Video Display Style icon until the style is where no thumbnails are showing. There are some inbetween styles where only a few thumbnails are shown. There's an icon on the left of each track label, such as Video 1, Video 2.
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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              I have found that EndItAll2 is pretty smart with regards to what to close by default. I do close my AV, spyware and pop-up blocker, as they will lie to EIA2 and say that they are locked - I do this before I run EIA2.

                              Maybe Robert is on to something, with his comments.

                              Good luck,

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                                Thabnks Bill, I ran enditall just before opening a new project, but no difference. I still have to wait 5 minuites when starting a new project, so turning of thumbnails may not help -a new project doesn't even have any yet! Beats me! Something must be wrong in my system somewhere. Thanks any rate. Brian
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                                  Perhaps I should remove all programs apart from PE7 and Photoshop from the computer and try that. I have an old computer that I use for emails, skype, downloads etc. What other programs are esential that should be left on the computer like sound etc? Also AVG, Spyware etc. I would be grateful for a list if anyone can help me please. Thanks, Brian
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                                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                                    Here's a program I highly recommend. It automatically deletes junk files, cleans your registry, clears off a lot of spyware and optimizes your system. There are also advanced features I've been playing with for things like optimizing FireFox, which have made a big difference in my computer's performance.

                                    See if it makes a difference.
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                                      Thanks Steve, I have downloaded that Advanced System care prgram and will try it. I have been going through my C drive looking for any thing that should not be there that may be slowing down opening a new or existing project. In Documents and settings - Brian was "ntuser video CD Movie 7,936 KB " I could not open it at all. whenI tried to delete it I got the message, "It is being used by another person or program. Close any programs that might be using the file and try again."
                                      I have nothing running at all. Could this be the cause of my trouble, and how do I get rid of it? Will the Advanced system care program deal to it?
                                      Thanks again for your help. Brian
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                                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                                        Does this help?

                                        Otherwise, run System Care. It's fully automatic and is a terrific tune-up tool.
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                                          Praise God, and thank you Steve. It worked! After having problems for a whole year trying to get video programs to work on my computer, "Advanced System Care 3" fixed it. Now a new project will open in 7 seconds, and a small existing project in 9 seconds! Am I pleased to have that fixed. ASC showed 32 spyware problems, 1025 Registry problems, 523 privacy sweep, junk files 37.14MB
                                          Thank you ever so much Steve. I will definitely buy you book on PE7 as soon as I have the money. Many thanks again. I can't tell you how grateful I am that you take the time to help "old" novices like me.
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                                            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                                            Brian, you have just made my day!

                                            God bless and happy moviemaking!
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                                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                                              Looks like a testimonial for Advanced System Care 3.


                                              Glad you got it working well.

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                                                Dear Bill, thanks for your help and time too. It is unbelievable that year of frustration, fixed in a couple of minutes. Keep up the good work of helping others.
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                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                                                  Hey, that is what these U2U forums are for - helping others!

                                                  Happy New Year - and may it contain less frustration.

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                                                    Thanks again. Brian