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    error src/timecode.cpp995

      Premier Elements 7....when I choose DV Camcorder I get this error src/timecode.cpp995. It is followed with this: Runtime error adobe premier element.exe. Folowed with this: the exception unknown software exception (0xc000000d) occured in the application at location 0x78138aa0.

      I am using the trial program and have tried it on another machine which is almost a duplicate of the one where the error is occuring and the program works pretty well. Locks up the pc now and then, but at least it runs. Naturally I want to use the program on the one which has the error.

      Any help will be appreciated.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Have you got a miniDV camcorder attached via FireWire (not USB)?

          Also, what are your computer specs?
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            Level 1
            Using firewire. 2GB ram, Windows XP Home. 2.8ghz processor. What else do you need?
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              At what point are you receiving this message?

              You say "when I choose DV Camcorder". I'm not clear what this means.

              Are you saying this error comes which you simply click on the DV camcorder button with nothing connected?

              What happens when you plug your camcorder into your computer with no programs open? Does Window register the connection (with a "bong" and an icon on your task bar)? And, if so, what programs does it then offer to open?

              Are you able to capture from this camcorder in Windows MovieMaker?

              Also, have you ensured that the time and date are set on the camcorder?
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                When the program is open, there is an icon "Get Media" click that and you get a list of options of what device you want to use. The first one is "DV Camcorder". When I click that the error comes up.

                No. Only when I follow the above.

                PC recognizes the camcorder and yes it "bongs". Allows me to open Premier Element so I am sure Premier recognizes the camcorder.

                I don't us Moviemaker. I use Pinnacle Studio and it works fine with the camcorder.

                Date and time are okay.
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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                  Most likely you're having a problem with the Pinnacle product, particularly if you've opened Studio since installing Premiere Elements.

                  Worst case, you can use Studio or even the great, free utility WinDV to capture your video. If you're capturing miniDV over FireWire, the files will be compatible with Premiere Elements.

                  Otherwise, without the ability to troubleshoot your system, I can't help you figure out why the function crashes the program.

                  Adobe Tech Support may be able to help, if you're determined to get to the bottom of it.
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                    I can't see that Pinnacle would be a problem. I have 2 version of that on the machine where Elements works.

                    I am convinced that it is the setup on the machine that is not working, I mean I probably need to reload Windows and do a complete cleanup of the machine. Could be in the registry also. I have another Adobe program installed here before and maybe some of the stuff did not get cleaned out of the registry and it is causing the problem. I have been advised that could be the culprit.

                    I just wanted to give Elements a try to see if it is better than Pinnacle. So far I have not seen anything that would say that it is better.

                    Thanks for all of your help.
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                      Russ Havens
                      I am having the same problem, but my computer is a Dell 8400 with 3 GB RAM, and oodles of hard drive space, running Windows XP SP-3 with all the latest updates installed. I have a Panasonic PV-GS500. It connects via USB 2.0 to my computer. I previously used PE 4 and then 6 and was able to capture video from the camcorder via USB. PE 7 runs fine, for all other purposes, but when I try to capture video from the camcorder, as soon as I click on the DV Camcorder icon, the frame of the capture window appears but before I immediately get the message: "Premiere Elements Debug Event -- Premiere Elements has encountered an error [..\..\Src\Timecode.cpp-995]." This is followed by an MS Visual C++ Runtime error, and Premiere Elements closes all windows and shuts down. I've tried following most of the suggested troubleshooting articles. I even uninstalled PE 7 and reinstalled it. Nothing has helped. I've had to resort to using the software that came with the Panasonic (MotionDV Studio) to capture my video, then import it into PE 7. That works, of course, but this is NOT how Premiere Elements is supposed to work and definitely not what I paid for. It's advertised as working with USB, but they seem to have second thoughts about that AFTER you buy it and are then told it works better with Firewire. Hmmm...I'm frustrated, as you can tell. Anyone out there have a clue?
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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                        Again, Russ, yours is not the same problem -- and it's easily remedied. I posted the solution at your posting at the end of a different thread.

                        Please don't post the same question more than once. Just start a new thread and someone will respond. I promise.
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                          I am trying to aquire DV footage from my camcorder thru an OHCI firewire card in Premiere Pro CS3 and I get this error src/timecode.cpp995 whenever I click on the aquire button in the file menu. Then there is the same runtime error as above and the program closes. I tried to uncheck everything in the settings about capture and I even tried to uninstall my firewire card. Then I tried with the camera plugged in, On/Off, no camera, even with no firewire card. My card works perfectly with Windows movie maker ! I even tried to repair the program with add/remove program. Nothing worked. Can you help me ?
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                            I have exactly the same problem. I have a Panasonic NV-GS330. Could it be something to do with the camera make? How did you transfer footage from Motion DV Studio? It looks a if that might be the only way round the problem even though its a bit frustrating.
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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                              Well, technically this is the Premiere Elements forum. Not CS3.

                              But that error code often means the camcorder recorded without the date set properly, and the program has nothing to break its scenes on.

                              In Premiere Elements, you can turn off scene breaking and you'll then be able to capture. (Though making sure your firmware and Quicktime are up to date will also help.)
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                                Russ Havens Level 1
                                If you're using PE 7 and trying to capture video via a USB connection but getting this error code, you can use MotionDV (the software that came with the Panasonic camcorder) to capture the video. It will be captured as an ".avi" file. Save the result to a place where you'll be able to find it later. Start your PE 7 project, go to "Get Media", but instead of clicking on the DV camcorder icon, choose the icon to get files. When the dialog box opens, locate your saved .avi file and import it into PE 7.
                                For me, these extra steps weren't worth it, and since there was nothing else in the version 7 upgrade that I cared about, it turned out, I asked for and received a refund after uninstalling version 7. Then I reinstalled version 4, and have been happily capturing video from my Panasonic via USB with no further problems.
                                Sometimes, the so-called "improvements" provided by an upgrade aren't really that useful, and sometimes they're a pain-in-the-you-know-what.
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                                  I kept encountering the same error 'error \src\timecode.cpp-995'.  What  I found that works ,at least with Pre8 is

                                  1) hook up the DV camera but leave it turned off

                                  2) Enter Get Media and select DV Camcorder

                                  3) With the Capture window open go to the top line menu and go to  Edit->Preferences

                                  4) In Preferences->Capture ensure 'Use device control timecode'  is  not checked.

                                  5) In Preferences->Device Control select USB Video Class 1.0 is selected  in Devices.

                                  6) Turn the camera on.

                                  7) In the Capture window close the error saying there is no DV camera  detected.


                                  I was able to capture video no problem this way. Split scenes was active by  timecode as well in the Capture window

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                                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                    There is an issue with Windows 7 64-bit FireWire drivers, by the way. So be sure and let us know if you're using that operating system.


                                    This is why it's dangerous to assume you have the same problem as another poster. Some issues and solutions are unique to one operating system or configuration.

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                                      araudan Level 1

                                      Using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and USB connection with the camera, Panasonic PV-GS320

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                                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                        The PVGS320 is a miniDV camcorder. You should be capture your video with Premiere Elements over a FIREWIRE connection. Not USB.


                                        If you're still having problems, try Bill's recommendation.



                                        But you MUST use a FireWire connection to capture from a miniDV or HDV tape-based camcorder.


                                        Have you worked through my 8 part Basic Training tutorials? Part 2 shows you how to capture video.


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                                          metta xu



                                          I have a similar error: src/timecode.cpp996


                                          Started with trying to 'edit in audition' from premiere pro, but the rightclick option is greyed out. So, tried the 'toolbar edit' and managed to do the edits in audition. Problem starts when after saving and closing, the updates in audition are not reflected at premiere pro. Tried exporting multitrack to premiere pro. done. but it didn't automatically appear in premiere. as such, I imported the xml file and got the error.


                                          Im a total rookie and learning everything from scratch. All I want to do is do a simple edit in audition from premiere pro, but everything just doesnt work out. Tried various tutorials from adobe, creativecow, but their screenshots differ from mine.


                                          Would appreciate any help. tia.

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                                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                                            With one of the PrPro suites, that contains Audition, one has the Edit in Audition function. This does two things:


                                            It does a Render/Replace for the Audio to a separate PCM/WAV file, which will then appear in the Project Panel, and replace the Audio portion of the Clip in the Timeline (color will change in the Timeline).

                                            Then, the function launches Audition, and loads that Render/Replace file into Audition.


                                            Once you have done Edit in Audition once, it will be grayed out, but if you Rt-Click on that Render/Replace Audio Clip in Project Panel, you can then re-edit in Audition (Edit in Audition will be available there).


                                            Good luck, and hope that helps,