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    Burning home video w/ Premiere Elements 4.0 (video quality bad)

      I'm trying to convert 2 mini dvds (1.4GB) to a regular dvd (4.7GB) using PE 4.0 and I can't seem to maintain the same quality. I imported the minis to my PC using PE to where it created several folders with VOB files labeled VTS. The 2 dvds worth of video is about an hour and only uses about 3.5 GB of the full size dvd so I'm able to burn at the highest quality. Anytime the video has movement within it I get a bit of a shadow or blur (not sure what the term is). The original VOB as well as the mini dvd does not have this issue. What is also weird is I accidently recorded one of my mini dvds using the wrong format which I had to convert to a mpeg file and that portion of the video seems to work great. Does anyone have any ideas as to what is causing this issue? Sorry if this has been covered before.