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    Add Media Error

      i am extremely new to the adobe premiere elements 7 program and i have been having some trouble using it. i am a high school football player and i am trying to take game films from our season and edit them to create a highlight film to send to colleges. I have been trying to import the games off DVDs copied by my coach. The DVD files are .VOB and from what i understand this is a supported format for this program. However, whenever i go to add the media, the files load and then the adding media window comes up but an error message comes up. This error window reads something to the extent of " add media error...The file type is either not supported or the prgram is missing a codec..." I know that the file type is supported so i figure that there is a missing codec. The weird thing is that occasionally after a few minutes, one of the files from the dvd will show up in the organize window. Only one file, not all of them (there are two files on each DVD, the first and second half of the game)will show up for SOME games. Can anyone give me insight into why i keep receiving this error or how i can fix the missing codec problem, if thats even the problem at all?
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          Robert J. Johnston Level 3
          If one of those VOBs is VIDEO_TS.VOB, then that isn't anything you can use, and you'll get that error message. Menus have 0 at the end of the filename, VTS_01_0.VOB, and will import but they aren't anything you can really use.

          Many people have problems working with files from DVDs, especially with audio being out of sync, and the recommendation is to convert the usable vobs to DV-AVI first: