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    Editing video from DVDs

      I have a computer-written video DVD that plays correctly on a DVD player and with Windows Media Player. I would like to import the video to edit with PE7. If I copy the VOB files to my hard disk and import them into PE7 as files, the audio is not synchronized with the video (the discrepancy is different for each VOB file) and there is video missing at the VOB boundaries. I have found the same thing with other DVDs, so that seems to be the standard. If I use the PE7 DVD option in "Get Media", the result is the same. I converted the VOB files to AVI with Streamclip 1.2, as recommended in this forum. I can import the AVI to PE. The audio and video are all there, but the audio and video are not synchronized, with the discrepancy varying through the file.

      I tried other DVD to AVI converters (dvd2avi_ripper, dvdripper, bitripper, dvd-ripper-platinum, etc.) These products produced AVI files that played correctly with Windows Media Player, including the audio, but PE would not import them, reporting that the audio is not a supported rate. When I put the files into Windows Movie Maker, the audio is there but the video is black.

      I have tried these tests on two platforms, both Vista, one a 32-bit OS and the other 64-bit, with the same result.

      Previously, I have had success converting files (not from DVDs) that PE7 won't accept into AVI with Windows Movie Maker. It seems odd that Movie Maker can handle formats that PE cannot.

      Thanks for any help.