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    PE1 Exported MPEG (DVD) - Slow Playback

      It has been a while since I've used PE and I just did a clean install of my OS (XP Pro) and all software.

      I'm not sure if this is a problem with playback or encoding, but when I play exported clips that used the DVD Compatible setting, the playback is slow in any application (WMP, PE, etc.)

      However, exported videos that I made about a year ago with the same setting seem to play fine.

      I then used MyDVD to burn the suspect video clips to DVD and they play just fine in a set-top DVD player.

      I'm also almost sure that these suspect video clips played just fine right after I created them (in WMP).

      I tried "repairing" PE, updating WMP to version 11, and istalled all other updates that I could find.

      Other MPEG formats seem to work fine.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          "when I play exported clips that used the DVD Compatible setting"

          I'm not sure what your saying, Cuc. Are you saying that you burned a DVD with something other than the standard DVD settings?

          Or are you talking about your source files? Are you saying you used MPEGs as source files? If so, did you use the project settings for a DVD or hard drive camcorder, per the program's instructions?

          And did you say you're using version 1? That too could be contributing to your problem, since the program has become much more versatile with its source files since then.
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            Time has stood still for me...I'm still using version 1 as it has worked for me quite well up until now.

            I usually import MPEG or AVI files into PE, depending on which camera I use or if I used my TV card to capture/record from it's tuner or my 8mm camcorder.

            I render the workspace and the video plays great in PE, transitions and all.

            I use the Export button (or File > Export) to export to an MPEG file on my hard drive, where I select the DVD Compatible preset.

            Then I play the video in WMP. Ironically, the videos I made from before I formatted and re-imaged my system play just fine, and they were made with the DVD Compatible preset the same way as today, but the ones I made post re-imaging my machine play slow. Even more ironic is that I'm sure that they played just fine right after I made them (I'm sure the first thing I did after exporting the MPEG file was to watch it full screen in WMP. The problem came on suddenly with all videos that I recently made).

            An update!

            I installed the K-Lite mega codec pack and it detected a couple "damaged" codecs, which I let it remove. They were an mp3 encoder/decoder, apparently from my SBLive audio card.

            This seemed to fix the files with slow playback, but now I am unable to import the files that I exported from PE (the DVD Compatible files) as PE complains that the file is damaged or unsupported. They play fine, however. I will check a short clip to make sure this is still not a problem.

            It may be that PE cannot import the files because the "damaged" codecs were removed by K-Lite, and are indeed not supported, or that the files were encoded badly. I'm not sure why they play OK now.

            (I'm really only interested in a set of TV programs that I recorded and used PE to trim the clips, then exported to MPEG. I want to bring them back into PE to make a DVD. I can get 7 shows on 1 DVD this way, if I use MyDVD, it does not compress them any further and will only fit 3 shows per DVD. I deleted the source MPEG files, so I'm stuck!)

            Another odd thing is that I got a Media Off-Line for an MPEG file that has not changed in any way for over a year. I can re-import the file just fine, but the original is still unavailable in the media list.

            And now I'm not sure I like K-Lite as it pops up a tray icon everytime I access any sort of media device. I have so many codecs now it'm going to have to learn to manage them.

            I guess at this point I don't really have a question, other than what to do with the K-Lite pack. I figure I'm stuck with the suspicious MPEG files that I want to compress further and burn to DVD. Wish I know what the problem was though. I guess in the future I should just make a custom MPEG preset with a lower bit rate. That looks like what PE does anyway when I select to "fit to media" when making a DVD preview (to a folder). Then I might be able to us MyDVD to make the DVD directly. I just think it won't take any MPEG file (must be DVD compliant MPEG2).

            Thanks for bearing through this long winded reply.
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              the_wine_snob Level 9
              One observation on K-lite CODEC pack: it uses FFDShow for many displays. That is probably the icon that you see in the Tray.

              It has been used for some time, but with recent versions of Premiere Pro has started causing real problems. This was probably about the time that PP moved from FFDShow/DirectShow to an incorporated playback engine. Because of these problems, I now only install specific, needed CODECs. I'll even go so far as to pay for some, rather than use any "pack" where the CODEC might be "hacked," or "reverse engineered." To date, all has been perfect.

              You might want to look into freeware G-Spot (www.headbands.com/gspot) to look at any problem AV files. It works best with AVI's, but recent editions show most info for both MPEG and WMV, though the WMV support is a tad limited.

              Good luck,

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                Thanks for the Help here.

                The K-Lite pack I installed actually included G-Spot and GraphStudio.

                While installing this codec pack seemed to fix my playback problem, it broke the ability for PE to import the MPEG files that were recently exported from PE.

                Using GraphStudio, I discovered that the MPEG files that were using AC3Filter audio decoder would not go into PE, but the files that used the ffdshow did go into PE. So, I started changing codec merit values. Lowering AC3Filter merit value to Normal allowed my NVIDIA filter to be used, which duplicated my slow playback problem.

                Lowering merit on that revealed a Sonic DVD LPCM, then the MainConcept (HCW) Layer II Audio Decoder came up. I dont think is the one that came with PE as I have several MC codecs that are titled as MainConcept (AdobeEncore) MPEG If I set these to the highest merit, MPEG video does not play at all in WMP.

                So now Im here fiddling around with this and its like a Rubiks cube, where I was only able to get one side the same color. Now some of my MPEG files will play and some will not. What else is interesting is that quite a few of the codecs are highlighted in pink, indicating that they have a problem.
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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  Be a little careful with the flagged CODEC's. I do not know GraphStudio, but Sherlock (another popular CODEC testing program) reports some false positives for problems with Adobe CODEC's. I'm trying to recall the exact problem. It's with the syntax of the names, but do not remember exactly what the difference was. Still, these get flagged with false positives, when the work 100%.

                  Aren't CODECs fun?

                  For me, it's always slow, install just what I need, and go to the source and buy it, if necessary. Fewer problems that way, but then you do have to go online and maybe have the credit card handy, when you hit an asset with some obscure CODEC.

                  Good luck,