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    Canon HF10

      Am trying to capture video from a Canon HF10 using PRE 7 on a Windows system. PRE 7 does not seen to recognize the camera as on-line when in the capture window. Any ideas?
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          Use the software that came with the camcorder to get the AVCHD files off the cmacorder and then use Add Media to import them into PE7.

          There have beem other reports of PE7 not recognising the HF10/100
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            Level 1
            Correct, at least not as a capture device.
            The cam shows up as a portable disk in windows, from which you can pull the files as described by Paul.
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              Even i have this camera, unfortunately its sad news for us. There are compatability issues with Canon Vixia series and Premiere Elements 7. Many other users like us have also reported the issue. If you are lucky you might just be able to import AVCHD streams generated from your Canon Vixia. Importing the footage files Indirectly might reduce the pain.