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    PE4 DVD Freezes up!!???

      I need help!! I created a slideshow in photoshop elements 6 and saved it as a wmv file and I made it into a dvd slideshow in premier elements 4 where I added music and the menu screen and bonus clips (the bonus clips were also first created in photoshop elements 6 and saved as wmv files).

      It is about 25 minutes long and has photos and video clips, as well as 2 bonus clips, scrolling credits where I added photos and about 10 menu markers. It is a basketball highlight slideshow. When I played it on my dvd, it played fine when I tested it, but my client says it began freezing towards the end. When I did a demo for the coach, the same thing happened, but I did not preview that one, so I was careful to preview the others I made.

      What in the world could be causing it to freeze????? I had no other programs running while burning it. Could it be my burner? Could it be the type of disk I am using(Magnavox DVD+R 4.7GB/120 min. video/1-16x speed)? I really need help because I am selling these.

      Thank you in advance!!!!