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    No DVD burners detected in PE 3.0

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      Had previously been able to burn DVDs directly to my Phillips DVD/RW. Now I get the message: "No DVD burners detected"

      Running Windows XP, SP2 on Dell Dimension 3, GIG ram. All of a sudden I could not write DVDs. This may have been after a SP2 update. I tried using a replacement Sony DVD/RW, but could read, but not write CDs or DVDs to it. After deleting upper and lower filters from the registry per Microsoft and Adobe forums, the Phillips would write CDs. I added the Sony, and both wrote CDs, but not DVDs. I gave up on the Sony and disconnected it. Currently I only have the Phillips connected, using CSL per Phillips, and DMA selected.

      At present I can use the drive to read and write CDS, but only read DVDs.

      I have installed/uninstalled a new version of Nero, but prefer not to mess around with using burning software again, although I have previously saved DVDs to folders, then burned to disc.

      Any ideas? Thanks
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Most likely Nero is not sharing the DVD burner with Premiere Elements. That's very common.

          And, rather than fighting with it, sometimes the best solution is to burn your DVD to a folder with Premiere Elements and then use Nero to copy the VIDEO_TS folder from this folder to a disc.
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            Thanks, Steve. You helped me out last year with some other DVD issues.

            At present, I do not have Nero or any burning software installed. My reluctance is that it seems any time I have installed burning software, or uninstalled it, it has caused grief. Grrr!

            PE3 is still able to burn to folders, so I could do as you suggest. A Nero program came with the new Sony DVD/RW, which is now back in the carton.

            Any idea why PE3 is not finding my DVD/RW?
            Do you think reinstalling PE3 might get it to recognize my DVD burner?
            If I do install Nero, and it works, do you think I should try putting the new Sony back in, either alone or as a second DVD/RW?

            Thanks again
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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              The main reason for any Adobe program to not find the burner(s) is a packet-writing software program, like Nero's InCD, or Roxio's DLA. Also, some versions of Windows include packet-writing apps.

              Next, is a problem with the I/O chain, that the burner is on. In this case, it often helps to go to Control Panel>System>CD/DVD Dives, and remove the burner/drive. Reboot, and let Windows rebuild that drive/burner. I'd guess that your Phillips is an internal and is attached to an EIDE, or SATA connection. You might want to give this a try.

              If this does not work, and you can still "burn" to a folder, you might want to look at the freeware program, ImgBurn. It's small and adds some good features, like slower burning.

              Good luck,

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                Hi Bill,

                Which of the oprions do I select: "disable" or "uninstall" the DVD burner? And after I reboot, how do I "enable" or "reinstall" it?

                Thanks for the tip. Once I know how to reinstall the drive, I'll give it a try.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Uninstall is the choice, as Disable just removes it from the active profile. When you reboot, Windows should immediately find the burner and register it. If this does not happen automatically, it probably indicates that there is a problem with either the drive, or the connection to the drive.

                  Let us know how it goes,

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                    I've done both "disable" and "uninstall", then "enabled" and "reinstalled" the burner. PE3 still reports "no DVD burners detected". The drive currently reads/writes CDs, and reads DVDs. I have checked all the settings that I know.

                    Now, all I want is simple DVD burner software, that won't screw up the rest of my system. The new Sony drive, which is back in the carton, came with a Nero package. I had tried a Roxio suite last year, and had loads of problems. I am reluctant to load this Nero package, and then have similar headaches.

                    You mentioned ImgBurn; is it simple, reliable, etc?

                    Although I have used Photoshop and Premier Elements for several years, I again wonder about having to use 3 separate software programs just to put a slide show on a DVD. Why not just use Roxio or Nero for the whole package.

                    Thanks for your help/advice.
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                      New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
                      >The drive currently reads/writes CDs, and reads DVDs.

                      If the drive does not burn DVDs chances are Premiere Elements will not recognize it. Have you checked for a firmware update for the burner?

                      Anyone can do more with Premiere Elements, all it takes is a little help from the folks at http://muvipix.com/phpBB3/
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                        Yes, I have checked for firmware updates. This drive used to work fine, and I used PE3 to burn several slideshow movies directly to DVD in the past, using this burner.

                        With all the updates for Windows XP, plus installing/uninstalling various software, I'm sure something got messed up.

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                          New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
                          Sorry if you have covered this previously Jerry.
                          Have you removed the burner completely from device manager, shut down the computer, removed the burner, restarted the computer, shut down the computer and reconnected the burner, then started the computer again?
                          That way you should get a good clean install.
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                            Hi Chuck,

                            Thanks for your attention to detail. I did not physically disconnect the power and cable before restarting, but will do that, just to be sure.

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                              New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
                              It has worked for me in similar situations in the past Jerry, worth a try. I have done computer and network support for quite a few years, that has helped :)
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                                I did the complete uninstall, including disconnecting cables.

                                PE3 still reports "no DVD burners detected".

                                Should I try ImgBurner or Nero to burn movies from folders to DVD?

                                Thanks to all.

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                                  New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
                                  From the look of things this is getting to be a regular problem, it isn't just you that's for sure. There are a few topics about this at muvipix, CDFreaks, ElementsVillage, and there aren't any real answers.
                                  It seems to sometimes be a bad registry entry that causes the problem but changing the entry is only a temporary fix.

                                  You may want to try Adobe Tech Support if they will help you considering this is version 3 we are talking about.

                                  Have you tried reinstalling Premiere Elements?

                                  Have you tried burning the project to a folder yet?
                                  That would be the next step and then finding another program to burn the folder to a DVD.
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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    If ImgBurn does not see your DVD drive properly, go to Control Panel>System, where you uninstalled/reinstalled the drive, and open up the Properties. Tell us exactly how Windows sees this drive.

                                    As Chuck points out, there are too many similar situations, all of a sudden. I wonder if we don't have a new "ghost in the machine."

                                    You're on XP SP2, so that throws out the "automatic Vista updates" as a problem. Have you installed (or allowed to be installed) any MS HotFixes? Over the last quarter, there were a couple dozen that I installed in XP-Pro SP3, but to date, none has caused any problem - that I know about.

                                    This is almost too coincidental. Heck, it's not even a Full Moon!

                                    Good luck, and keep reporting back,

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                                      Hi Guys,

                                      1. I have not tried reinstalling PE3, but wondered about it.
                                      2. I have burned to folder, no problem, but have not tried burning the folder to DVD. Do you prefer ImgBurn or Nero?
                                      3. The drive shows as DVD+-RW; device manager properties: DVD/CD ROM Drive; location 0; Diver date: 7/1/2001; driver version: 5.1.2535.0; driver files: cdrom.sys, imapi.sys, redbook.sys, storprop.dll
                                      4. Have not used any HotFixes, but have installed all SP2 updates
                                      5. Have not tried Adobe Tech Support

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                                        John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                        Imgburn is freeware, has a lot of options... and does not install any TSR bits into memory like some other software... so when you are done with it and exit, it is GONE from memory
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                                          Thanks for your vote. I am looking for something simple that will not cause grief on my system. All I have in mind is moving DVDs burned to folders with PE3 onto discs that will play on the set top DVD player and/or computer. Seems like such a little thing.

                                          I'll probably give it a try. Any problems to uninstall if it doesn't work out?

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                                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                                            I use either. Now, I do not have any of the packet-writing modules from Nero installed, as they
                                            b WILL
                                            kill DVD burning from any Adobe application.

                                            If I do not have any special reason to choose one vs the other, I just use ImgBurn.

                                            If you have not installed/reinstalled Nero, then do try ImgBurn - clean, simple and pure. Hey, did John mention it was also free?

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                                              I have a free Nero package that came with the Sony DVD burner that I am not using. If I try using Nero, how do I know which of the modules uses packet writing, and can I choose not to install those parts? This is just for my info.

                                              I will give ImgBurn a try. Their web-site also mentions ImgBurn Plus, which is not free, and which I apparently do not need for my limited purposes. Any problems uninstalling ImgBurn, just in case?

                                              Thanks for your help.

                                              Happy New Year to all.

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                                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                On the regular versions of Nero, you have the choice to do a default install, or a custom. Choose the "custom," even if they say that it is not recommended.

                                                When you get to the various modules, look for things like InCD and uncheck these. I also do the same for all of the Nero "indexing" modules. I do not want Nero watching anything, especially my hard drives. This *should* only get the regular modules, and not the packet-writing ones, like InCD.

                                                With ImgBurn, there are no packet-writing modules.

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                                                  A Happy New Year it is!

                                                  I've installed ImgBurn, and burned my first video files to a DVD. It went fine. So, now it appears I can concentrate on being "creative", and not worry about the nitty-gritty of actually getting the project onto a DVD. And it has not interfered with my crucial financial backups to CD using Quicken!

                                                  I will next install the second Sony DVD burner again to see if ImgBurn recognizes them both.

                                                  Eventually, I still want to get this business of PE3 not recognizing any installed DVD burners resolved. I guess it's a windows XP issue, rather than Adobe. That's the beauty of Windows: fingers can be pointed in a multitude of directions. But for now, I can read/write CDs and DVDs, and am grateful for this little success.

                                                  Many thanks and good wishes to those who gave me helpful direction through this bit of frustration.

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                                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                    Great news. Glad that ImgBurn is working.

                                                    When you get back to working on the PE3/Burner issue, I have one question. Exactly how do you do your Quciken backups? I've only got their version 2006, and do my backups to separate internal hard drives, and then about once per quarter to an external. I'm wondering if Quicken has some form of packet-writing module built in, and if that is causing the problem. I'll poke around Quicken '06 a bit, just to see if I can see any possible conflict there, but as I have it on my laptop and am able to use all Adobe programs to burn, would never even have thought about it as a possibility. Could be a newly added module, or perhaps one that I do not have set up.

                                                    Just thinking here. Maybe you have hit on something - or maybe not.

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                                                      Hi Hunt,

                                                      Burned a second Video-TS file to disc using ImgBurn. Very quick, no problems. Thanks again.

                                                      Re: Quicken backup. I am using 2008, and am quite sure I could back up to CD when I used 2006. I go to FILE>Backup, then select/browse for the drive to backup to, i.e. the DVD/CD drive.

                                                      The critical point is if you go to properties on your DVD/CD drive, and click the "Recording" tab, you need to leave UNCHECKED the box that allows CD recording. Quicken then backs up your data directly to the disc.

                                                      If you check the box allowing CD recording, it uses Windows, first backs up to a file on your hard drive, then you copy to the CD. I think that method also screws up burning audio CDs from Windows Media Player. So, be careful.

                                                      It took many hours of anguish to get this straight, and I actually wrote it all down. Good luck. Let me know.

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                                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                        You beat me to the punch. Yes, Quicken '06 does have the Backup to CD. I studied it and believe that it is part of your problem with PE. Quicken uses the OS's packet-writing sub-app., or a 3rd party one. Once configured, Quicken invokes packet-writing to the drive, which is anathema to Adobe programs, that burn.

                                                        It's just like having a full Nero, or Roxio installed. What happens with a packet-writing application is that it "hooks" the CD/DVD drive, at bootup. Adobe programs require 100% control of any burner used, and will error out, if they cannot obtain this control. The packet-writing software will not relinquish the control, so no burning from any Adobe product - this is PE, P-Pro, or Encore.

                                                        Now, if Quicken has been setup to use your current drive, you might be able to reinstall your Sony, not set it up in Quicken and then use it. I know that you had installation problems with that drive and removed it. I'd guess that those problems were for other reasons.

                                                        Also, you were having your main CD/DVD burner seen as only a CD burner. I'd guess (again), that this is due to the hooking by Quicken and the packet-writing SW. Once they establish their links at bootup, the OS sees that drive as a CD-only burner, because that is what Quicken and packet-writing SW use it for.

                                                        I did not even know that Quicken offered this module, until you commneted on it. Since you use this feature for your accounting needs, I'd look into trying the Sony, or a replacement for it, and never setting it up in Quicken. You might get lucky and these programs will leave it alone.

                                                        Otherwise, you will be forced to use a program, like ImgBurn, or other, to burn your DVD's. You can still use PE for your NLE work, but will need to burn to a folder, and then use a 3rd party app. that does not require 100% control of your burner.

                                                        A new situation for me, and a bit odd, but I learned something from it.

                                                        I have Quicken '06 on a separate machine, and a copy on my laptop. I just shuttle the data file between those two, doing a regular Backup/Restore. My other desktop has both a CD burner and a DVD burner. When I get a moment, I'll see if I can set up Quicken to backup to the CD burner, and see if it leaves the DVD burner alone. It'll be a while, but I'll report back with my findings.

                                                        In the meantime, ImgBurn is your best choice.

                                                        Good luck, and thanks for teaching me about Quicken. I've only used it since it was US$9 and came on a floppy. Did not know about the feature, and never even thought to ask if you had Quicken - why would I? Now I have another question to ask, when someone has a burner problem with Adobe.

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                                                          Aha. Very interesting. I've no idea what "packet-writing" is all about. Backing up my Quicken data is No. 1 priority for me, which I do every time there is any change in the data. I don't recall any setup routine in Quicken for using CD for backup, other than to identify the drive you want to use at the time of the backup. Perhaps if the drive used for everything else, i.e. PE3, is never selected, it gets left out of the packet-writing picture?

                                                          I may try to install the other drive, though I'm a bit reluctant to mess with a system that is working. But with our cold, dreary weather, it is not a bad way to waste an afternoon.

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                                                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                            Packet-writing is the function used to convert a CD/DVD into a virtual HDD. This then allows one to drag-n-drop, or copy over data files, just like with a physical HDD. Windows, as of XP, has a utility to do this, but most people do not even know that it's there. Roxio has DLA as its module and Nero's is called InCD. It is the modules of these programs, that get in the way of Adobe burning apps. With the latter two, one can do a Custom Install, and omit these modules. I also omit Nero's "indexing" module, because it is horribly intrusive and not easy to get rid of, once installed. In the case of Windows' module, it does not come into play, until it is invoked on a CD/DVD drive. I do not know how easy it might be to toggle on/off, as I have never used it.

                                                            One option *might* be to add a pure CD drive to the system. They are almost giving these away. Then, one could set up Quicken to use that drive only for the backups, and leave their DVD burner alone - maybe?

                                                            Thanks for the lesson. Now I know to ask about Quicken, as well as Roxio and Nero.

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                                                              c99e Level 1


                                                              Having the same problems that you had regarding burning videos from PE3 to dvd. I have downloaded ImgBurner. A question, when it starts up, which mode do you choose:


                                                              Write image file to disc

                                                              Create image from from disc

                                                              Verify Disc

                                                              Write files/folders to disc

                                                              Create images files from files or folders




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                                                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                From the Toolbar, chose Mode>Build (Ctrl-Alt-B). Navigate to the Folder that you used with Burn to Folder in PE and choose the VIDEO_TS foler there.


                                                                Hope that this helps,



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                                                                  c99e Level 1

                                                                  Did that (Mode + build, selected TS folder). Then used the "calculator" to estimate the size. It tells me that the min requirement is CD-R/RW (878 MB). Why is it telling me to use a CD versus a DVD? Even if I do burn it to the cd, the dvd player won't be able to read it, correct? Did you have same issue?


                                                                  • 30. Re: No DVD burners detected in PE 3.0
                                                                    Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                    It's not telling you to use a CD.  It is just telling you that the files are small enough to fit on a CD.  Key word: "minimum."

                                                                    Yes, use a DVD.