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    PRE 7  refuses to resize larger than it first appears on primary monitor

      I am using PRE 7.0 under Vista on a 4GB Core 2 Duo notebook with a secondary monitor. The notebook monitor (the primary) is 1024x768 and the secondary monitor (a DELL 24 inch) is at 1920x1200. Functionaly, making movies, the program works fine.

      However, the program always initially displays only on the designated primary monitor and when I drag it to the secondary monitor and try to resize it by dragging edges or corners, I cannot make it larger than the primary monitor. I can only make the program smaller.

      Worse, double clicking the caption causes the program to disappear. It isn't minimized, per se, because clicking the icon on the task bar does nothing. And it hasn't changed to zero size or gone off screen. Move is still visible in the right-click menu. Clicking it, using the arrow key, then mouse doesn't retrieve anything. Using the system memu restore item does bring the program back from never-never land. The minimize/restore button causes the same symptom.

      To test the problem, I made the secondary monitor the primary monitor. PRE comes up the full size of the now large primary monitor and works normally. There isn't a limitation that I can see. Closing the program on the larger monitor and making the laptop monitor again the primary monitor and running it again causes it to show up on the smaller primary monitor and refuse to be made larger than the size of the primary monitor. No change.

      BTW, I can undock windows from the workspace and resize those with no restriction. It is just the "workspace" that seems affected.

      I am using Photoshop CS4 and see no similar problems with that program.

      Is this a bug or a feature?