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    Premiere Elements 7 and .MTS Files

      I hope someone can help.. I have a new Panasonic SDC-HD1 that shoots High Def .mts files. Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0 recognizes them and I can even drop one onto the SCENE LINE and it shows up. HOWEVER, any other .MTS files I drop onto the scene line, do not show up there.. THEY do show up on the TIME LINE but on different LINES under VIDEO 2 VIDEO 3 VIDEO 4 VIDEO 5 etc etc etc. NOTHING shows up on the scene line. how do I resolve this so the videos show up on the scene line so I can add transitions etc? the program seems to work fine with regular SD video clips and my 720P MP4 files. it just has an issues with the .mts files..

      ANy help would be appreciated...
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          Are you using a 5.1 audio project preset? If your camcorder has 5.1 audio you need to use the 5.1 audio project preset. Your clips will go to track 1 and they can be seen in the Sceneline mode. However if you use a non 5.1 audio project preset and your clips have 5.1 audio they will be placed on track 4 (track 1 through 3 will be Stereo) and you will not see them in Sceneline mode.
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            (Dave_Hauss) Level 1
            Yes that was the issue. It worked great with your suggestions...

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              Paul LS - I have a similar problem but can't find the right project preset or customize an existing project preset. As in Dave Hauss' original post, when I drag files onto the Sceneline they are bunched together in one scene, and when I switch to the Timeline they appear on separate tracks, e.g., Video4 and Audio4, Video5 and Audio5, etc. I have a new Sony DCR-SR220 hard disk drive camcorder that shoots standard definition Widescreen NTSC Video, 720x480 frame size, 16:9 ratio, and the audio is Dolby 5.1. The preset under NTSC | Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorder | Widescreen 48kHz only has Stereo audio, not Dolby 5.1. If I try to pick a preset for 5.1 audio, such as NTSC | AVCHD | HD 1080i 30 5.1 channel, then I can't edit the incorrect video settings from HD back to SD. Is there any way to truly customize an existing project preset, or create a new project preset from scratch, to be able to use the Sceneline? Thanks for your help.
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                Paul_LS Level 4
                Unfortunately not... as you say the 5.1 audio project presets are high definition and not suitable for editing standard definition. If you use a non-5.1 audio standard definition project preset then you really need to work in Timeline view to be able to work with your clips.

                A workaround could be to Unlink Audio and Video (right click on the clip in the Timeline) and then drag the video down to video track 1. However if you do this you might as well work in the Timeline mode anyway.

                Not sure what would happen (not at my editing computer) if in Timeline mode you selected Delete Unused Tracks, whether the clips would appear in the Sceneline view.
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                  My video camera (Canon HF100) writes files to an SDHC card with the file suffix MTS. I successfully import and edit these files in Elements.

                  I now wish to export the edited file back to the SDHC in an HD format (thus retaining the quality)  and use my camera to play them back on my TV.


                  How do I do this please.




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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    This may not be possible -- but, if it is, you'll want to:


                    1) Select your project timeline and then go to File/Export/Movie.


                    2) Before you save the file, click Settings.


                    3) On the General screen, select Quicktime as the File Type.


                    4) On Video screen, select H.264 (or possibley MPEG4) as the Compressor.


                    This will produce a hi-def file that uses the H.264 codec.


                    However, I can't guarantee that your camcorder can play the file, once you move it to your SD card. Recording AVCHD back to an SD card is just not something this program is designed to do!