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    Audio distortion when creating menu based DVDs

      I have recently been taking camcorder footage on a Sony HDR-CX11 in high density and am using Premier Elements 7 for editing on a Sony Vaio PC (LA-2)with Microsoft Vista. This works fine however, when I try to make a DVD using the menu templates the sound on the clips is distorted (sounds like everyone is in an echo chamber and has been slowed down). I have also tried doing a Click to DVD (2.6.01) (Sony package) but the same happens. Has anyone any ideas as I cannot find any info. on Sony support or Adobe support.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          What are you using for sound on your menus? The original sound from the templates or are you adding your own music?

          And is this only a problem on the menus or does your entire project have this problem?
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Glad you found the Elements forum.

            Since you have a CS11, is it safe to assume that you are in Europe/UK (PAL land)?

            The camera records in AVCHD. I could not find the specs. for the Audio, but wonder if it is Dolby Digital 5.1.

            I know that Elements will Import 5.1 Audio, but do not think that it processes it, and feel certain that it will not be able to Export as DD 5.1 SS. I also wonder if Elements isn't doing some processing to the Audio. I'd speculate that this might be in a conversion phase. When you Import the Clips, do you see a "Conforming Audio," or similar notice at the lower right of the interface, with a progress bar?

            Steve, or one of the other PE gurus will have address the Audio issues specifically. I am just speculating and guessing here.

            Your description of the deterioration/distortion of the Audio rings a bell with me. Not counting your original post in the Premiere Pro forum, I have seen similar comments in other threads. I do not recall any "fix," or even a cause, but will look for those threads, as there might be something in one of them that will help you.

            In the meantime, do you have the manual and can you give us the specs stated for the Audio produced/recorded by your camera? How are you listening to the Audio, when you hear this distortion - are you burning the DVD and playing that on your TV/sound system, or monitoring while still on your computer?

            I cannot imagine how the addition of the Menus could affect your Audio, but stranger things have happened.

            Good luck,

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              Thank you Bill and, yes I am in UK.

              According to the CS11 instruction book Dolby Digital or Linear PCM system is used to compress audio data and the Audio Signal is 2/5.1ch. I am not a technical person, but hopefully this helps?

              When I import the video clips there is not a message conforming audio or similar.
              When I am creating a movie the project plays perfectly. It is when I have made an MPEG and want to make a menu based DVD that the sound distortion happens.
              I am listening to this via my PC but have also created a DVD and tried the TV as well.

              Trust this gives you more info. in order to help further.

              Thanks again
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                I am using the orginal sound from the video clips and it is fine when in the project mode, but gets distorted when I make a MPEG and pull it in to make a menu based DVD
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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Thanks for that info. I use DD 5.1 Audio all of the time, but not in PE. Someone with knowledge of exactly how that program handles 5.1 will have to chime in. At least they will have the info.

                  I have never experienced the distortion, that you mention, so I don't have any help to offer there.

                  If the files are PCM (likely already at 48KHz 16-bit), then conforming is probably not necessary, though a quick generation of the .PEK (waveform display) is all that happens.

                  Now, my particular workflow is to Export (Premiere Pro) as elemental streams: DV-AVI (Audio only) and then AC3 (DD 5.1 SS Audio only). I Import these two files into Adobe Encore, and place them on a Timeline, letting Encore do the Transcode to MPEG for DVD. My uneducated *guess* would be that there is a problem in you encoding to MPEG. Maybe others can find a mistake in your Export settings. To help them look for "red flags," if you would please list your Export settings (presets, or whatever), especially for the Audio portion. There is likely just a setting there, that will correct your problem.

                  Good luck,

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                    Thank you Hunt. My export settings are:-
                    File type - audio interchange file format
                    Compressor - uncompressed
                    Sample rate - 48000hz
                    Sample type - 16 bit
                    Channels - stereo
                    Interleave - 1 second

                    Hope this helps - I have still not been able to sort the problem. Also, when I add music to my project and then make a MPEG that also is distorted.

                    If anyone can help I would really appreciate it

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      I'm not sure about the AIFF Audio format. It is basically from the Mac side of things. Some PC programs handle it OK, but others have problems.

                      I would run a test by converting your AIFF to WAV and see if this makes a difference.

                      Perhaps others can directly address how AIFF files work in PE. In the few instances, where I was given these, I ran them through Adobe Audition and Exported as WAV. Of course, I had to do other work on the files, as well.

                      Going back awhile, there were several problems with Sony Viao computers and audio. I do not recall the details, but a search of all of the Premiere (Elements & Pro) should yield most of these. You could also search the Adobe Audition forum, but I'd try all Premiere forums first.