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    HD capture using PE 4 showing "messed up" video

      I've just purchased a Canon HV-30 and shot some video in HD that I then tried to capture with my PC using PE 4. The captured video, when played back in PE4, was messed up - it showed big green spaces in some places (like someone had put many green cubes on the screen) and some of the video was shown as a broken-up still image superimposed on the video either earlier or later than it should have been. Are these dropped frames that I've heard a little bit about? Is it a function of a bad tape or software issues? Or a bad camcorder?
      The video plays back great on a TV, when I play it directly connected to the camcorder.
      We are planning on upgrading our PC, but at the moment we meet all but one of the spec requirements as described in the Read Me file - we have a slower processor than is recommended for HD. (2.80 GHz as opposed to the recommended 3 GHz) If I tried to capture it in SD (which has smaller requirements) and it was OK, would that say that the camcorder and tape were OK?
      Just want to understand what I'm seeing - the deadline for returning the camcorder if I feel that it's defective is fast approaching...