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    Premier Elements 7 Created MPEG files don't play

    D Hesser
      Hi All,

      Understand that I'm a definite newbie to the video editing world so if my question seems overly elementary, my apologies in advance...

      I just downloaded and installed the trial version of PE7 and added an existing captured AVI file to a new project (the AVI was originally captured from my Mini-DV camera using Pinnacle). I added a few effects and a DVD menu then selected DVD Standard NTSC from the Share tab. The resulting mpeg files were created successfully (although it seemed to take an extraordinarily long time for approx. 1hr of video). However, the files will not play in Windows Media Player or another player that I have loaded on my PC, resulting in a generic cannot play the file error from the programs.

      It's likely I'm trying to do something incorrectly, or have not selected a correct option. Does anyone have any suggestions for identifying the problem?

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions!