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    How to set the duration of each pic in a slideshow (and also how to pan and zoom)

      I have about 30 pictures I would like to add to a slide show.

      When I add them the duration for each picture is set to 6 seconds.

      I would like this changed to 4 seconds.

      But manually changing the duration of each individual picture, one by one, is a slow and tedious task.

      Is there a way of changing the duration of all my pictures at the same time, from 6 seconds to 4 seconds ?

      Or can I change a setting so that when I insert my pictures the duration is set to 4 seconds instead of 6 seconds ?

      As for the pan and zoom, I have seen the pan and zoom effect but this has a black border around the pictures as they zoom in and out.

      For example, when zooming in the picture starts small with a black border all round the edge.

      When zooming out the picture ends small with a black border all round the edge.

      Is there a way to pan and zoom starting with a full screen when zooming in, and ending with a full screen when zooming out ?

      Thereby not showing any ugly black borders.

      My Nokia N73 phone can do it !

      You can view the pictures as a slide show and when it pans and zooms it looks so much better because it does not show any black borders.

      The picture ALWAYS fills the screen even though it is panning and zooming.