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    How to import music from CD's to Premiere

      I recently purchased Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Premiere Version 7. I'm trying to import my own music to compliment my assortment of video and photo clips. Does anyone know the steps involved to get my own music imported from CD to Premiere? Thank You
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          Use Windows Media Player to Rip the songs as either WAV or MP3 to your PC, then add to your project.
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            Wonder if I can join the conversation.

            I have been using PE 2 but it recently crashed terminally and I have installed PE 7. I wanted to finish a video I had been editing in PE2. I opened it successfully in PE 7. It contains some tracks I downloaded from my own CDS. When i burnt a previous edition in PE2 the soundtrack was ok (incidentally the soundtrack is the same it's just I needed to edit some video clips) It was also ok when I tried burning in the trial version of PE7. However, the sound won't play in the timeline or preview of the DVD in my new full version of PE7. I can however preview the individual tracks on their own. I tried "adding media" again but this didn't work.

            IN summary this should work as they were ok on previous versions including PE7. Any idea what I can do to make the sound play so I can burn the dvd with sound?

            Kind Regards

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              Since your problem is unrelated to Wayne's initial post in this thread, I'd recommend you start your own thread so that your question will get the attention it deserves.
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                To: E Mann

                Thank you very much for your response. From what I understand is that I load my CD and then open it up in Windows Media Player. On the top menu bar I see where it says 'RIP' (not Rest In Peace). I assume I then just click on 'RIP' and it will give me the option as to how I want to save my tracks? I'm also assuming that WAV and/or MP3 are compatible file extensions for Premiere to recognize?

                Best Regards!
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                  You are correct. If you have the option of going with WAV, I'd choose that for two reasons:

                  1.) MP3 is a compressed format. Your CDA format is 44.1KHz @ 16-bit (pretty good), but the MP3 will compress the heck out of that.

                  2.) Some MP3 files just do not play well in Adobe products. Most do, without a glitch, but there are some that just give Adobe fits.

                  Good luck,

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                    martinlindsay Level 1
                    Hunt thanks for your advice about MP3 and WAV.

                    I have today tried to import a WAV file from my archives. I did this via Add media on PE7. This does not play either in my timeline or on the DVD preview. I can though open all my soundtracks and play them individually but not as part of the dvd. HELP!
                    I really can't understand why I have been able to use the same tracks in the same format with PE2 and also did so last week with PE7 trial version (including burning satisfactorily with PE7 trail version) but cannot do this on the full PE7 version.

                    Any further advice is kindly appreciated.