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    PE 3 Error message never got it before.

      I have windows vista home prem 32 bit. Premiere elements 3.

      I'm working on a video and a couple times I got a box that said PE has encounter a serious error and needs to close. So I let it close. i thought it might have because of how much MB I have for one project. I make music videos using tv show episodes I have downloaded. So I have to use at least 8-10 episodes around 350MB each for a project.

      I cant clip the parts I need in another project in elements cause if I did that and saved it to open a new file to make a video. The quality would be worst.

      Today I got this message twice. http://i42.tinypic.com/w1tv2x.jpg What does this mean? I want to finish my video and when I open the project up and try to save it I get this message. Any help would be great,. I need to finish my vid before Saturday night cause I head back to school and I have to get rid of everything on this computer.