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    Premiere Elements 7 - Major Problem working with recovered Project

      I have run into a major problem with Premiere Elements 7. Two days ago I was working on an Edit and Prmeiere Elements crashed with a major error. When returning in to edit my project I received the message that a Copy version had been kept and was available for continuing with my work. Assuming this to be more up to date than my original I elected to work with the copy. I spent the remainder of the day working on the copy - a considerable amount of time was spent on what is potentially a very important project. I saved periodically as the project has close to 40 shots and variations of shots in it's work in progress state. I continually reviewed and saved the project over the course of the day and saved on exit.
      When I returned to Editing yesterday - almost all the clips added since using the "recovered" project appeared as "Offline Media" in Red in the preview panel. The links to the original clips appear to have been lost even tho tho correct clip appears in the timeline and in the project edit panel. Only the sceneline and playback show the red "offline Media" display. I tried some of the suggestions regarding "Damaged Projects", including runnin latest updates, to no avail . The project seems to have been irredeemably corrupted and have not been unable to re-establish links. The result is that I have lost a days work and another day in trying to recover.

      My Laptop Spec is Sony Vaio 2Gb RAM over 70Gb available space running on Windows Vista Service Pack 1.

      I have been using the software extensively since I received it in November and this is the only time I have run into this problem - my first potentially commercial project. This is a source of great frustration - if I had known there was a problem during my work in progress I would have re-started but I didn't find out until I had closed the session at the end of the day and reopened it up the following day. It would appear that this happens on "Recovered" Projects after a crash.

      I need to get moving on this Project ASAP and would be eternally grateful if there is an immediate solution.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Most likely the issue is that very small hard drive. If you've got as much going on as you say, it's likely maxed out. Have you got at least 20-30 gigs of free space on that drive?

          It could also be that you've been connected to files on an external hard drive. If you've got an external drive, it may be registering as a different drive number each time you plug it in, and that could be why the program can't find the linked media files.
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            Hi Michael

            I had a similar problem with a video project. There is a very good chance that you have one corrupt clip in the timeline and it is causing the error. I cannot explain why but I had exactly the same problem under the same circumstances when suddenly, after a crash, I had random "offline" clips appear in my project.
            I backed up my project first to a different project name.
            I then deleted the second half of my timeline, and the problem was still there. I then deleted half of the half left etc etc.
            Eventually I found deleting a certain section caused the "offline" messages to stop and the clips reappeared. I then isolated it to one clip in the timeline.
            I went back to my back-up and deleted that clip in the timeline and the many "offline" clips that were randomly spread through my project magically returned. I then simply saved and next time on opening put the clip back into the timeline. It seems the clip in the timeline was corrupted not the original avi file.
            Hope it works for you too.