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    PRE7 and new Vista 64 PC

    ruzun Level 1
      I posted a while back about problems I was having with a Quad Core Intel Core 2 CPU system running Vista 32 and AVCHD video. I since upgraded to a newer core i7 system running Vista 64.

      After finishing a couple of projects I must say, the new system is far better. The entire process is much smoother, and way fewer glitches. I used to have 4GB of memory on the old system, the new one has 6GB but I think the major difference is in the memory management.

      Vista 64 seems to dedicate a lot more physical memory to the 32 bit processes, resulting in far less paging, and far fewer problems with larger projects.

      AVCHD editing is no longer a chore either, the entire process is just much smoother.

      Just thought I'd report back and say that I find elements 7 runs much better under vista 64 than it did with vista 32 on my old system.

      -Roger Uzun
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          That's great news, Roger!

          64-bit operating systems are clearly the way of the future -- and it's great that, as we wait for the rest of the software to catch up, there's a transitional solution.
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            ruzun Level 1
            In the old setup, if I applied a lot of effects to clips, I would periodically get the "running low on memory" requestor and have to save/leave and reload the project. It would then be fine for a while before I had to do that all over again.

            With the new setup, I've yet to have to do that. It never runs low on memory like it did before. I think it's just much more robust memory management by the OS now.

            -Roger Uzun
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              I agree!

              I'm using PRE7 on a new PC that has an Intel Core i7 940 CPU, 6GB RAM and Vista 64 and editing AVCHD footage (full 1920x1080i) in native format is nothing short of dreamy!