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    Getting Media from an AVCHD Camcorder

    ruzun Level 1
      One annoyance I have with PRE7 and getting media off an AVCHD camcorder, is that it seems to keep raising the numbers it appends on the end of my files, and offers me no control over resetting it back to 1 for each project.

      In the media downloader, if I say grab the files off the Camcorder, it seems to append very large numbers after each clip. Unlike the photo downloader I can't see an option where I can reset the numbers it appends on the end of filenames back to 1. SO I wind up with video_clip231.mts, video_clip232.mts etc. I can't ever get it to go back to video_clip001.mts which is what I want for each project.

      Is there some way to get media downloader to reset the numbers it appends to the end of filenames?

      -Roger Uzun
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          A.T. Romano Level 7
          Roger Uzun

          Do I understand you correctly that you are transferring AVCHD from your camcorder via USB to computer, with download into Premiere Elements via Get Media/"AVCHD or other hard drive/memory camcorder"/Premiere Elements Media Downloader?

          If so, when you were in the Premiere Elements Media Downloader dialog, did you have it opened to its Advanced dialog? If so, did you explore the section to the right of this interface re: Save Options? You may want to explore this area for renaming the downloaded files for a project so that you get a 001.mt2s, 002 .mt2s, etc.
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            ruzun Level 1
            Yes you can choose a custom name etc. But it remembers the last numeric assignment it made.

            So when you first do this you get 001.mts, 002.mts...after a few projects you get 212.mts 213.mts, there's no way to reset the number as there is with the photo downloader.

            The media downloader advanced menu just keeps assigning larger and larger numbers to the files you download off the camcorder. And I cannot see how you can reset it back to 1.