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    Newbie: Difficulty adding theme. How? .. also can I add ver 4 theme?


      Sorry to ask a dumb newbie question, but how do I add a 15 second Title sequence to my movie?

      Here's what I've done so you can explain where I am going wrong...

      I have two Video and Audio Tracks so far...

      Track 1 is for Starting Title and ending Credit sequence and Track 2 is for main movie.

      I have tried dragging my choice of theme (FairyTale) to the start, (as I did in version 4) but it did not work.

      I then put a 15 sec clip in Track 1 and dragged the theme on it. It did not work. It just showed the original clip.
      I also was confused how I alter the starting length. I presume just split the theme into start and end.

      Finally, can I download version 4 themes and save them 'somewhere' and use them as well as version 7 themes?

      Thanks guys in advance