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    Can't "locate media" in Premiere elements 7

      Once i have added and edited few more video clips in my project which i have created earlier, I got following message in preview screen:"Media offline" after saving project and restarting the program. The message appears only to those clips that i have added and edited last. Earlier added clips works well. I added video clips normally by clicking "file" and "get media from.." "pc files and folders" Original clips are on my computers hard drive. When i select the clip from "edit" and "project" and try to use "locate media" button it stays grey so i can't press that button. I'm sure that video clips stays in same place on my hard drive so they could be located very easily if only the program lets me to do that. Program don't let me locate any media. Even the clips which are showing in preview. But the video is showing in another kind of preview window when i double-klick on "media offline" clip in time line. Is this somekind of bug or is the problem in the user? I'm very disappointed if i wasted money to program that doesn't work.