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    Need help with API-557 A/V Link

      I have the ADS API-557 and cannot get it to work with PE4. Any help appreciated!

      I'm trying to go from an old analog VCR through the A/V Link device into my PC via firewire. I'm using 3 RCA phono connections between the VCR and A/V Link and firewire between A/V Link & PC.

      When I turn on the A/V Link the PC pops up an Autoplay window showing that it recognizes a Digital Video Device & do I want to import video using either Windows Import Video or capture Digital Video using PowerDirector.

      Given the above, I feel it's safe to assume that I am cabled correctly because Windows seems to "see" the connection.

      I have played with (I think) every possible combination for the 4 dip switches on the A/V Link. According to the manual, it would appear that they should be set >> Down Up Down Down <<

      I set PE4 to "No device control". When I go to Get Media and select DV Capture, then pick Get Video, the blue light on the AV/Link goes red and I see a solid blue screen as if the VCR was not playing (it IS playing a tape!). While the LED is red I can press STOP or PLAY on the VCR and actually see "STOP" or "PLAY" appear for a couple of seconds in the solid blue screen just like you normally would if the VCR were attached to a TV. If I then manually select the mode back to digital, the light turns blue, but the PE4 preview screen just shows black and capture usually stops after a few seconds.

      Yes, I have actually tried to view the captured clips on the off chance that preview was not working...still nothing recorded.

      I must be missing something really basic either in PE4 or in Windows. The ADSTECH website is no use right now...they appear to be rebuilding it and the support section is not available.

      Anybody got any ideas???