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    Trouble with video at 15 fps (Premiere Elements 3.0)

      I have a Casio camera that takes video at 15 fps. When importing this video to APE 3.0, the audio plays, but not the video. Moreover, when I try to burn to a DVD, I get an error message and am unable to complete the burning of the DVD.

      How can I change the settings to allow me to successfully import/export video media that is 15 fps? (I believe it is set for 29 fps). I checked the APE 3.0 Help screen plus the online help, and both had absolutely NOTHING on this subject.

      (Further, I emailed Adobe Support on this issue. Their response was "...This version has been discontinued and is no longer supported via phone or web cases. We only support versions 4-7 via telephone or web..." I was quite surprised and disappointed in their response as Version 3 was recently being sold at major stores like Staples and Best Buy.)

      I'm sure there is a fairly easy answer to this, but I've had a difficult time getting an answer. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.

      Operating System: Windows XP Home
      Browser: Microsoft IE