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    PSE Premiere 7 and Canon HD20

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      I am trying to determine whether PSE Premiere 7 will capture HD video. Based on the posts I have read, it looks like it is possible. I just want to verify that this is correct.

      Also, if I create an HD DVD, does my DVD player have to be HD to play in HD or will it just play the video as standard. I have an HD television. I want to avoid any comptability problems.

      Thanks for your input.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Yes, Premiere Elements will capture HDV and AVCHD video. If the camcorder your referencing is the Canon HV20 HDV camcorder, the program will work great with it, assuming your computer has the power to run it.

          Premiere Elements will not create an HD-DVD. In fact, HD-DVD is an archaic HD disc that no one is supporting.

          The program will, however, burn a BluRay hi-def disc. And, yes, you will need a BluRay player to watch it.

          The program will also burn a standard DVD, even from hi-def video.