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    Trouble with menus, scene markers and stop markers

      I am using Adobe Premier Elements 7, and Vista home premium.

      During playback:

      Scenes selected from a main or a sub menu play fine, and then the project plays into the next scenes, without ever going back to the menu again. This happens with main menu markers, as well as scene menu markers.

      If I try to change a marker to a stop marker, the project does return to the main/sub menu, but all of the scenes past the stop marker, are no longer on the main/sub menu.

      When I change the stop marker back to a scene or main menu marker, the main/sub menu scenes show up again, and I am back to paragraph 1 above.

      How the heck do I get the scenes to return to a main/sub menu using stop markers, and still have the scenes beyond the stop marker on the menu?

      Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you!