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    Window filter plugin?

      I often capture video behind the window in my kitchen. I was
      wondering if there is a filter plug in or so to filter the images
      appearing on the window (reflexions, sunlight).

      Thank you in advance.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          I'm not sure how that would be possible, in post production.

          You may ask at a camera shop if there is a UV or polarized filter that you can fit onto your camera lens though.
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            The best thing that you can do is purchase, or build a rig, such as professional sports photographers use to shoot through the glass in hockey matches. This is really a big, flexible lens shade, that is about 5x larger, usually rectangular. The front of this very large lens shade goes against the glass, so you are looking through a section with no reflections - the glass only "sees" the inside of the black lens shade. It attaches to the lens of the camera, or with a video camera, probably to a ring that mounts to the lens. The ring will probably be separate and its size will depend on the threaded attachment size of the lens.

            The unit is flexible, so you can pan easily and still keep the shade against the glass. Most rotate, so you could turn it to allow tilts, instead of pans.

            The commercial model folds up and stores easily and is made from black rip-stop nylon. I think that B&H Photo sells these.

            You could make similar with black foamcore. Basically, build a rectangular-based pyramid of foamcore, leaving the tip of the pyramid off. Attach black cloth and tie this around the camera.

            Watch out for the autofocus being fooled by the glass.

            A very flexible rubber lens shade will work too, but you'll likely not get as much pan movement. If I were going this route, I'd look for one in the still camera section, get the necessary step-up/step-down rings and experiment. Holding this rig flat to the glass might be more of a problem, as these lens shades are no where near as large as the rig that I mentioned first.

            Good luck,

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              Try a polarizer filter as steve suggested. You may have to boost gain or adjust the levels in editing though if it darkens the image too much. If you have one from a camera you can buy step-up or down rings to match your threads, as long as the filter is larger then the lens.
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                Nice to hear solutions in the messages. Thank you all.

                I already had the idea that there won't be a software plugin (yet). But I thought , let's give it a try; you never know.

                (not Ben-Hur (directed by William Wyler))