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    Premier Elements 7 and exporting to Xvid?


      iv recently produced a few different 3D animations and have rendered them all out to .tga's. now using PE7 i simply want to export them out to Xvid. However no matter what setting I use within Xvid the final file does not play correctly in media player. It is un-smooth and choppy, with some artefacts.

      Ive come across a couple of things in this forum about Xvid, stating that it has problems and such, but is it actually incompatible with PE7?

      I have a work colleague who uses PE4 and exports to Xvid and only encounters minor problems, but he can still get his final files to play smoothly.

      Is there any thing I can do to fix this, or is it just an unavoidable compatibility problem?

      I have the latest version of Xvid. On a quad 2.4 GHz system, with 3 GB Ram.

      Any help would be great, thanks.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          What method are you using to create your Xvid file from Premiere Elements and what settings are you using?
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            I export out to a Microsoft AVI, No audio. Then I use the Xvid MPEG-4 codec, with millions of colours.

            It is at a wide screen resolution so 1280 x 720

            The Xvid codec is set to maximum quality (although iv tried it at various different qualities and got the same problem)

            The display encoding status windows instantly crashes PE7 so that is disabled.

            With the profile @ level set to HighDef (but im not sure what this actually does, it was just left as default)

            Done and 25Fps

            To a square pixel ratio

            With a maintain data rate recompress selection.

            I think this is all I can tell you. Unless there is some vital part I am overlooking.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              It could be, since you're using such high compression, that your computer simply doesn't have enough power to play a file at that quality and frame size setting.

              As an experiment, what happens if you export an Xvid file at 425x240?
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                Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                When you export to XviD or DivX, make sure that the distance between keyframes is 3 or less.

                In addition, for DivX at least, you will need to open the file in VirtualDub and then save it after setting the Direct Stream Copy settings under the video and audio menus and setting XviD as the compressor. Premiere Elements does not create correct containers and running it through VirtualDub will fix it by remuxing the streams without transcoding them again.
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                  Ive managed to narrow it down a little; and for the meantime fix the problem.

                  from the final edited PE7 file, I render to .TGA's and then I put them back into my 3D animation package (3D studio max) and I can then use its Video Posting function to export those .TGA's to an Xvid.

                  This Xvid is then really good quality and plays perfectly.

                  This sorts the problem for now, but it also points out that its defiantly not a computer issue while playing the Xvids; it must be a PE7 error while exporting.

                  Thanks for your help so far.