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    AVCHD jittery in PE7

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      I have a Canon HF100 AVCHD PAL cam which uses 1080x1920 with choice of 25p of 50i frames. 25p looks very jittery, even on the camera itself, so i use 50i.

      This 50i footage looks great on the camera en when i play it in the Canon software (pixela player) on my computer (Vista, quad core Q9550, 4 GB)it still looks great.

      Because PE7 does not allow for 50i, i use AVCHD full HD 25p as project settings, which according to earlier discussion here should be ok.

      But when i look at the footage in the PE7 preview window, it looks jittery when panning of with fast shots. Even after rendering.
      When i burn the project to DVD, the result is the same on TV, not as smooth as expected.

      Could this have something to do with the 25p/50i? Anyone else with this experience?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          First, ensure that your project settings are the correct ones for this camcorder. Not only do you want to use the AVCHD presets, but you want to ensure that you're using the correct one. The jitteriness is usually a signal that your project is not set up correctly.

          You also don't say where you're playing back your "DVD". (Is it truly a DVD or is it a BluRay?) If you're playing it on your computer, you may be dealing with other issues. Check it in a BluRay player.

          Finally, Vista can use some fine tuning to optimize it for video editing, even with a quad core system. The FAQs at the top of this forum offer suggestions.
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            Hi Steve, thanks for answering.

            That's basically the question; is my (chosen) project setting (AVCHD FULL HD 25p, stereo) correct? As mentioned before, 50i is not configurable as project setting in PE7.

            I did mention the result of the DVD on TV was jittery as well. It is a normal SD DVD, no bluray involved. It's not played on my PC.

            I did all the Vista tuning, and the system is amazingly fast. I have no problems whatshowever with processing the large AVCHD files in PE7 in regard to performance.

            I was wondering if other users with Canon PAL AVCHD cams (using 50i) have the same experience, and which project settings they use.
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              Paul_LS Level 4
              Your are miss reading the project preset, it is not "25p" it is interlaced 25 frames per second which is 50i (50 interlaced fields). So the the preset you quote is for 1920x1080, 50i, stereo (ie not 5.1 audio).
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                ok, that should be correct then.

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                  andrewtirian Level 1
                  I have the HF10 and are having the same jittery problems descriped above (both in preview/edit and render). But could someone walk me through a simple guide on both the camera and PE7 to make sure that there is compatability in both. I am not sure when you say 'it" has to be set at 25p what is 'it'. the camera or PE7 and how do i do this? Im using PAL (Australia) so i dont wnat to get into more problems by starting to use NTSC.
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                    Paul_LS Level 4
                    Dont have the camera so cant walk you through the set up i am afraid. However your jittery playback is probably an issue of your processor not being powerful enough. You really need a quad core to be able to playback smoothly from the timeline. Once exported in standard definition or a less compressed high definition format it should not be an issue.

                    Regarding project settings. the "PAL Full AVCHD 5.1" is for PAL 1920x1080 interlaced footage with 5.1 audio... which is probably what your camcorder captures.
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                      andrewtirian Level 1
                      Ive looked at my PE7 and seen that I have the correct settings as you have mentioned above- (FULL HD 1080 25 fps stero) so what else can i do or do i need anew laptop? its still jumpy in both preview and rendering. (even though i have the min specs to run PE7).
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                        New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
                        But do you have the minimum specs for editing HDV?
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                          In my case, yes. With plenty to spare.
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                            What are the minimum specs for editing HDV? I have an AMD 3200 with an EVGA 6800 GS graphics card, and 1 gig of DDR 2 RAM. I was reading a forum and someone posted this "I've got a P4 2.66GHz with only 512MB RAM and can use Premiere Pro with Aspect HD to edit JVC 720p24 footage without any problems." This makes me think I have more than enough power to edit HDV, but my video is choppy when I exported it into Premiere. It is from my new Sony Handycam HDR-SR12.

                            I am brand new to video editing, so any direction would be greatly appreciated.

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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                              Have you looked at the FAQs at the top of this forum?
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                                Paul_LS Level 4
                                HDV and AVCHD from an SR12 are very different. HDV MPEG2 can be edited on a P4 2.66GHz computer... no chance with the much more highly compressed AVCHD footage.