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    Audo fade in

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      I am using Premiere CS3 and trying to have my audio gently fade in from the beginning. Premiere's Help menu is not helping me. [Adjust volume in the Timeline pane] I cannot understand it. When I try adjusting the volume the entire series of clips gets adjusted at the same time. What I want to do is have a fade in over a period of time. Does setting a keyframe establish a "work area" in which I can establish the fade-in? The rubberband they refer to is pretty hard for me to see... it would be nice if there were a way to expand it.
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          The same general technique, as with the Title will work here too. Click the Audio Clip to select it, and go to Effects Control Panel. Place a Volume Keyframe, where you want the Audio to be at the desired level. Go back to the head of the Clip, PgDn, and place a Keyframe there. If not open, twirl-down the Volume drop-down, to see the slider. Move it to -∞. Rt-click and do the same Ease Out/Ease In thing.

          One note, you are posting to the Premiere Elements forum. You probably should post CS3 questions to the Premiere Pro CS3 forum,

          Though cousins, PE and PP have different ways of doing some of the same things. If you got pure PE recommendations, you might easily become lost.

          Also, one can add Audio Transitions (Effects Panel>Audio Transitions>Dissolves>Constant Gain, or Constant Power, to get about the same effect. I like Keyframes, because they offer me more control, though Audio Transitions are quicker. [In PE, you'd use Fade-In Fade-Out Effect, but you don't have that one in PP CS3]

          Good luck, and I'll keep my eye out for any more posts in the CS3 forum.