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    "correct" Workflow?

      Hi all. I'm new to PE and was wondering what the best workflow would be for my situation. I have many miniDV tapes that each have several events on them. I am looking to edit and burn them to DVD for easier viewing. I just transferred one tape to my PC, and am in the process of editing. Should I keep each event separate, render to mpeg2, then author later? Or should I put everything I want on the DVD at once on the timeline, then use the menu and scene markers and author the dvd with PE? If I choose the second option, how do I know how much content will fit on the DVD? For example, I have many clips of my son scattered across several DV tapes. I want to put them together on DVD(s) (As many DVDs as needed for best quality) I don't see anywhere on the time line that states how much will fit on a DVD, so method 1 seems better. If I do method 1, would I still use scene markers?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          It depends on what you're trying to accomplish.

          How many videos do you want on each DVD? It's best to put all of the videos you want on a single DVD on the same timeline and then author and output your DVD from there. You can use menu and stop markers to isolate each video, if you'd like.

          I would not recommend storing your video as MPEGs, if you plan to edit them again later. For best results, save your editable files as DV-AVIs or even back to your miniDV camcorder.

          You can fit about 60-70 minutes of video on a DVD at full quality. If you squeeze more on, you'll start to see a reduction in quality.

          If you want lots of details on using this program, you may want to check out my "Muvipix.com Guide to Premiere Elements 7", available on Amazon.com or at the Muvipix store at:
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            Jasonrn Level 1
            I don't have a preference as to how many vids are on 1 DVD. I just wanted to know the easiest method. Prior to PE, I used Ulead VS and used to create seperate clips, then authored them later. This would tell me how much could fit. I now have PE based on user reviews and I'm still in the learning curve.
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              Jasonrn Level 1
              Also, I think I posted the same question on your site. I didn't know you were a part of this forum too.