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    VOB and Timecode Problem

      I'm new to video editing & Premiere Elements 7 so excuse my ignorance.

      I have a Philips 3575 DVD Recorder with a hard drive. When I burn a DVD, with say three 30 minute shows, the DVD creates two VOB files. The first VOB file has 0:45:49 of video and the second VOB has the remaining video.

      When I use VLC to play these two files, there are 90 minutes of video. However when I look at the timecode display, after 30 minutes, the timecode goes back to 0:00 and ends (with the first VOB) at 15:49. The second VOB file starts at timecode 15:50, continues to 30:00 and restarts at 0:00 and finishes at 30:00

      When I load these two files into Premiere Elements, it shows a duration of 0:29:26:24 and 0:15:21:23 respectively. I lose the 15+ minutes of the first VOB and 30 minutes of the second VOB.

      Is there a way to import VOB and ignoring the timecode in the files? Either that or have it read the appropriate timecode information that should be contained as part of the original DVD for the 3 programs?

      I'm struggling a bit here, trying to get use to Premiere and trying to solve this problem so any assistance would be appreciated.