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      I open my project and then click open the 'share' button. I select burn to disc and everything appears ready to go in task panel. Adobe appears to be doing its job fine....the encoding goes off without a hitch because i can see the % of completion window run up to 100%. Once adobe gets to that point just the word 'error' comes up and everything stops. I'm assuming it doesn't like my burner. If this is the case can I get the project over to Windows Media Player or Quicktime and then burn back to DVD? Appreciate any insight you can offer!
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          A.T. Romano Level 7
          There are a lot of possible reasons for that error message.

          Have you explored trying another DVD disc (brand or disc type). With regard to disc type, if you were using DVD-R, try DVD+R. And, also try placing the DVD disc in the drive tray before you open Premiere Elements.

          As a workaround and for troubleshooting purposes, try "Burn to Folder" instead of "Burn to Disc".
          Burn to: Folder (4.7 GB)

          That should generate a folder to the saved location of your choice on the hard drive. Then take only the VIDEO_TS of that saved folder and burn it to DVD-VIDEO with a software such as Nero (make sure that you use the Burn Image to Disc/DVD-Video Files category instead of Make Data DVD.

          That is a start.
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            New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
            You could also make sure that your DVD Burner firmware is up to date ;)